My DIY Halloween Costume

Now that I am a mom, Halloween became all about finding the perfect costume for my little guy...  I was on the hunt for weeks, and couldn't exactly find what I was looking for in stores, on Amazon, or even ETSY! 

My own mom bought S and his cousin G matching pumpkin costumes, and I ended up going with a monkey with the justification that he was born on the year of the monkey.  Well that, and the fact that he seems to go bananas for anything banana flavoured!

Even after these two sweet attempts, I still knew that somehow he needed to be Sebastian the crab for his first Halloween.  I guess my logic was that in the future he will want to choose his own character, and selecting the fun-loving Disney favourite from The Little Mermaid movie would be highly unlikely!!!

After searching high and low without any luck at all, I decided that the only way left was to hand-make it myself...

Here was my DIY Halloween project:

My Sebastian the crab actually turned out better than I had anticipated, which does tend to happen with these creative processes!  This is the first Halloween costume that I have ever made, and I enjoyed the experience very much.  In the future, I am hoping to look back on this blog post with my son and show him what I created!

Did you have a Spookalicious Halloween with your family, friends, and of course with your students?

We loved giving out candy and seeing our neighbourhood buzzing with children!  Hard to believe that last year at this time my husband and I were handing out treats with our dog Ruby (dressed as superman), waiting eagerly for our little one to join in our family fun!

I can't wait until next year when we can go trick-or-treating together!

November 1st:

National Eat Your Kid's Halloween Candy

After they Go to Bed Day!


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  1. Oh my goodness the cutest lobster of life! How cute is he?You did an amazing job with putting this together. Seriously it doesn't even look like you made it.

    Eleni xo

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