Book Chapter

Babalis, J. (2015). Contributed a paragraph to Chapter 8: The environment. In Kashin & Dietze. Empowering Pedagogy for ECE.


Babalis, J., & Hutchison, D. (2015). From kindergarten to project-based learning monograph, Brock University

Babalis, J. (2013). Releasing the researchers within us: Embracing our inner curiosity and wonder at Bond Lake P.S., YRDSB for Ministry of Education


Babalis, J. (2017). Inquiry-based learning. TransformEd: eResource

Babalis, J. (2017). Considering the layers of inquiry-based learning: Transforming education practice. TransformEd: eWorkshop download (complete folder) (video voice over - powerpoint) 

Video/DVDs (part in)

Elementary Teachers Federation. (2012-2014). Professional Learning in the Early Years ETFO video series

Babalis, J. (2014). Video Interview by Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study University of Toronto - Natural Curiosity about Inquiry-based learning.

Babalis, J. & Ham, J. (2013). The Sky Inquiry Interview series, York Region District School Board

Ontario Ministry of Education (2010-2011). Thinking about thinking. DVD

Refereed Conferences

Babalis, J. (2014). The Sky Inquiry: An educator’s journey learning alongside her students. Ontario Reggio Association Documentation as Relationship conference Poster Session, Toronto, Ontario, April 11-13

Babalis, J. (2014). Full-inclusion: How inquiry-based learning levels the playing field for all children in FDK. ETFO Women’s Conference…and still we rise, Toronto, Ontario. March 27

Babalis, J. (2013). The little blog that could: Blogging as 21st century pedagogical documentation and professional learning. ECOO13 Conference Bring IT, Together! Niagara Falls, Ontario. October 23-24

Babalis, J. (2013). Children’s treasures: Toys and tinkering as powerful entries for curriculum and research. Co-Constructing Contexts for Meaningful Engagement Conference, Charles Sturt University, Burlington, Ontario. March 2

Babalis, J. (2012). Our Reggio-inspired classroom transition. Ontario Reggio Association Inviting Complexity: Deepening our Understanding of Pedagogical Documentation Conference Poster Session, Toronto, Ontario, February 24-26

Babalis, J. (2012). Using documentation of our learning environment for further reflection and transformation of our kindergarten space. Transforming Pedagogical Practices Making Connections Across Ontario Conference, Charles Sturt University, Burlington, Ontario. March 24

Babalis, J. (2011). Our Reggio Emilia - inspired classroom transition: The environment as third teacher and documentation of classroom changes. Pedagogical documentation: Transforming our view of children, teaching and learning challenges and opportunities conference, Charles Sturt University, Burlington, Ontario. March 24

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