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Sample from the above video on DIY T-shirts:


Welcome to our Creative Life Long Learning Journey with Sebby, Lily, and the children/families who attend my studio classes/programs. 

My name is Ms. Joanne Babalis! I am a Reggio Emilia inspired Kindergarten teacher and have designed The TransformEd Creative Studio and Learning Centre within my home. 

Follow along while I share a simple lesson for creating your own colourful t-shirts! 

Materials List: 
-t-shirts (preferably white ones that had a little stain on them prior) 
-food colouring 
-fingerpaint or tempera paint (acrylic works too) 
-water colour paint 
-bath drops 
-squeeze bottles, spray bottles 
-turkey baster 
-table cloth 

We explore: 
-making our own diy t-shirts outdoors 
-colour experiments 
-counting the number of food colouring drops added to the water 
-abstract art 

How to extend or change for next time: 
-let the t-shirts dry completely indoors (outside they stayed damp and it affected the colours) 
-use a white table cloth so that the colours popped more off the t-shirts like a blank canvas (also my light under the porch wasn't the greatest) 

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Musician: @iksonofficial

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