Play as Research

This quote was sent to me by a dear colleague who I was so fortunate to work alongside during our Great Beginnings course.  Thank you Ingrid Smith for thinking of me!

In our classroom, both Mrs. Ham (Julie-D.E.C.E. partner) and I see play-based learning and inquiry-based learning as serious research that engages our young students' minds, bodies, and souls.

Thank you to all of the "educators" who contributed to my own research about teaching this past week through our deep and ongoing professional dialogues.  I was fortunate to engage in conversations at my school, board office, Charles Sturt University, York University, coffee shops, on the phone, via email, and or through blog comments.  Whether it was my grade team, teachers across schools and boards, early childhood educators, student teachers, artists, consultants, curriculum coordinators, professors, principals, parents, students, or friends, I had something to learn from everyone!  Thank you for always pushing my thinking further each and every time that we interact!

I am proud to share that our blog is a source of inspiration for other bloggers new to the blogshpere!  Let's continue to research and share our findings within this online community together.

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Please stay tuned for more posts tomorrow about our September discoveries through play and inquiry-based learning.

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