Upcoming Reggio-Inspired Learning Opportunities

Here are a few upcoming learning opportunities that are available on the Ontario Reggio Association website:

  • Investigations and Expressions Days at Bishop Strachan School

  • Acorn School Delegation Workshops

  • Co-Constructing Contexts for Meaningful Engagement Conference

  • Learning Together with Infants and Toddlers Institute

  • Acorn School Teacher Mentoring Program

Please visit the website for complete details and registration forms.

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  1. Let me begin by saying how much I am enjoying your blog. I just discovered you by doing a search on Reggio and am now taking time to go back and read your older posts! I have been teaching Kindergarten for 19 years. My early educational experiences included masters classes taught by those very informed about the Reggio Approach. I was able to spend an amazing weekend touring schools in the St. Louis Reggio Collaborative at that time. However, over the years I have found it difficult to try to implement this approach in a regular public school Kindergarten. Your blog is now inspiring me to give it a try once more. Thank you!!

    The Daily Cupcake…A Kindergarten Blog

    1. Bobbie,

      Thank you for your comment. I apologize for the delay in my response, but I had been very busy preparing for my teacher performance appraisal process.

      I am so appreciative that you left this comment and that you are enjoying reading through the blog! It is certainly filled with a lot more than I realized I was capable of writing and sharing with the world!

      Wow 19 years! That's fabulous!!! You must be a very dedicated and wonderful Kindergarten teacher!

      Please keep me posted about your work and your return to the Reggio Emilia - inspired approach to early childhood education.

      I'm very interested and glad to hear that you will reconnect with some of the ideas you had learned about.


      Joanne Babalis

    2. Bobbie,

      Did your Kindergarten blog move to another location?