A Home for Snails #tbt

Tonight I read a really inspiring blog post about a Snail Inquiry occurring in Ms. Schmidt and Mrs. Theis' class.  I couldn't help but connect it to one of our former class inquiries, lead by Crystal Mastrangelo (a Teacher Candidate at the time).  Though "A Home for Snails" was over a year ago, it is still quite vivid in my memory.  

So here is my first "throw back Thursday" #tbt blog post in honour of this engaging work: 

A snail found on my driveway was
our spark that ignited an inquiry!

Our Snail Amusement Park

I think that it's really neat that Ms. Schmidt, Mrs. Theis, and Mrs. Lowe's classrooms are connecting to share their thinking around this inquiry.  I have always wondered what a similar provocation would look like in a variety of classrooms.  I hope that this post might inspire them to have further conversations with their students!

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