Looking back on 2014

Where did 2014 go? Did anyone else feel like it flew by faster than previous years?

To be completely honest with all of you, 2014 was a year that I will never forget, however, in many ways I felt as though I was climbing a nearly impossible mountain at times...  My ambitious side brought on a lot of new professional challenges, but I am happy to announce that I persevered and kept climbing!

Within this blog post I will share the top fourteen moments, as I look back onto a busy 2014.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for continuing to visit my blog, and am looking forward to a quieter 2015 where I will have a lot more free time to do what I love most: blog, teach, document, read, draw, learn, photograph, research, present, create, and inquire about the world around me.

  • Moment number fourteen:
Teaching for York University and taking on two new courses: The Learning Environment Module and Kindergarten AQ Part 1, 2, and Specialist combined course.  My next course will be posted for Spring 2015, and at the moment I am not planning to teach over the summer.

  • Moment number thirteen:
Celebrating my 30th birthday in the city that I was born (Montreal) with all of my relatives who still live there.

  • Moment number twelve:
Encouraging a donation drive entitled, "Art Supplies for Africa: An Open House Event," with the support of my FDK team at Bond Lake Public School, the Winter Kindergarten York University AQ course, and CTInquiry network.

  • Moment number eleven:
Visiting Costa Rica with one of my closest friends, Marlena Marra, and unwinding from our busy lives.

  • Moment number ten:
Hosting our Great Gatsby Masquerade Ball Engagement/Jack-and-Jill event.

  • Moment number nine:
Increasing awareness and interest in the blog and inquiry work.  Included in the Toronto Star on the first day of school, The Richmond Hill Liberal for the Bond Lake P.S. Outdoor Natural Learning Environment, Ontario Teacher's Federation Magazine, Elementary Teacher Federation of Ontario resources, Natural Curiosity and University of Toronto video, York University articles, and York Region District School Board teacher website.

  • Moment number eight:
Attending my bachelorette girl's weekend in New York City, thanks to the lovely surprise of my maid of honour.

  • Moment number seven:
Presenting at my second out of province conference in Edmonton, Alberta.  I look forward to returning there this Spring as their keynote speaker.

  • Moment number six:
Starting a different role as teacher librarian and opening up a library from the ground up within a brand new school.  Anne Frank P.S. is my home now, and I have loved every moment of my learning journey.  I still have so much more to learn!!  For those of you who are worried, I have not lost my connection with Full-Day Kindergarten, as I support each class with inquiry (there are over 200 kindergarten children at our school) and am the Early Years Lead (of our fourteen member FDK team).

  • Moment number five:
Spending an entire summer in Greece to visit my grandmother.  There I celebrated her eightieth birthday and my first cousin, John Vongas' wedding.

  • Moment number four:
Giving this blog a much needed face-lift with the help of a graphic designer from San Francisco, California, and the beautiful photography of Annawithlove.  Created a company called TransformEd Consulting Services, and began to present private workshops throughout Ontario.  Started to focus my attention on my own documentation and sharing my learning through other modes of social media, such as, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

  • Moment number three:

Accepting the opportunity to study at the PhD level offered by York University.  Completed my first course this Fall.

  • Moment number two:
Beginning my life as a wife, travelling to Paris for our honeymoon and getting the keys to our new home!

  • Moment number one:
The top moment of this year was being engaged, planning our wedding, and celebrating it on December 6th, 2014.

Wishing you, and all of the special people in your life a Happy 2015! May it be even better than the last year, though I don't think mine will ever compare to this memorable one…

A New Year is on the way
and the possibilities are endless.

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  1. An amazing year indeed! Quick question- I checked on the York website and I'm not seeing you listed as an instructir for Kindergarten Part 1 for Spring 2015. I also checked Winter as your YorkUKAQ tab indicates but im not seeing you there either. Do you know where I should look? Thanks!

    1. Hi Katrina,

      Thanks so much for following the blog! I will be teaching Part 1, 2, and specialist combined Kindergarten AQ this Spring. It isn't on the webpage yet. Should be soon!

  2. I am curious which event you will be the keynote speaker for in Edmonton this coming Spring? I have loved following your blog this last year and am constantly inspired to continue trying new things in my room. I am much closer to Edmonton than Toronto and wanted to see if the event you were speaking at was open to the public to register for? Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much!!!!

      The conference hasn't been advertised yet. When it is, I will provide a link on my "events" page. I hope that we can connect! Where are you from? Maybe, I can come to your area and present if a childcare provider, school, university, network, or board are interested in inviting me.