A mother's love!

As I put my son down for his afternoon nap, I began browsing my Instagram feed for all the Mother's Day messages that were posted.
It is so incredibly beautiful and touching to read everyone's sentiments for their Mother's or for their experience in becoming a Mother.  Even if I don't know the person that I am following very well, I couldn't help but get chocked up by their honesty and sincere love for the women in their lives.

This is my second official Mother's Day!  I say "official," as I learned about my first pregnancy on Mother's Day while attending a week long study tour in Reggio Emilia, Italy.  It was one of the greatest surprises of my life, and such an interesting coincidence in timing too! 

With another baby on the way (currently 26 weeks along) I knew that I had to capture this special moment somehow.  Every family has their own annual traditions.  Sometimes they visit the same place each season, create a scrapbook, or have a photoshoot.  Instead of doing this at Christmas or for birthdays, I chose to capture photographs of my children and I every Mother's Day.  Spring is by far my favourite time of year!  I was born in May and I love how the blossoms, flowers, buds, grass, and birds return after a long and cold winter.  The Earth seems to be reborn and it's hard not to notice/appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.  Witnessing new growth is inspiring!  For this reason, our tradition will help to document our family's growth and changes.  

I invited my mom to join us this Mother's Day, since she has taught me all that I know about sacrifice, patience, dedication, selflessness and love - and all that it means to be a Mother.  Though the most obvious changes are in my baby boy from last Spring to this Spring (see last year's post here) - I too have changed immensely.  Becoming a mother has transformed me into what I believe to be, a better teacher, daughter, wife, and friend.

On the day my son was born, so too was I his Mama and my own into a Yiayia (grandma).  The bond of grandparents is so sacred, and we are ever-grateful to ours!

I don't want to embarrass my mom by writing too much more about her and our relationship online, but what I will say is that she is crazy amazing! Without exaggerating, I hope to be half the lady that she is when I grow up!

Huge thank you to the @janinedapontephotography team (Janine and Lee) for working with baby S and I again!  The photos that you captured when he was born, are like none other (To see them click here)!  I look forward to the maternity shoot and for the newborn session that we have planned with our little girl.

Your beautiful/newly renovated studio space is a privilege to be in and your passion for photography certainly shines through each image.  I continue to be blown away by your professionalism, and attention to detail, but above all to your creativity and care.

Thank you also to Josie from @_fancytreats for sending us these delicious gourmet donuts to enjoy!!  

I wish all the Mama's out there a very Happy Mother's Day.  May your strength, commitment, and love remain the heart of every family.  And by Mama, I mean all mother figures including step-mom's, grandmothers, aunts, older sisters, friends, and strong women in our lives that help to support and guide us always.

It's all in the details:

Photography - @janinedapontephotography 

Styling - @joannebabalis

Gourmet donuts - @_fancytreats

A mother's love is


unconditional and forever!

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