Continuing the journey... #yorkukaq

The York University Kindergarten Additional Qualification course (Part 1, Part 2, and Specialist combined format) that I instruct to Teachers and Registered Early Childhood Educators recently began on Thursday evening...  As we move towards documentation study, I am trying to capture our experience and make it visible online.  Sometimes it may be shared on the blog, or within my Instagram stories and posts.

Since we weren't visiting my TransformEd Creative Studio and Learning Centre space, I tried to bring some of my environment to our class at Kleinburg Public School.  We meet there each week, as a satellite location for York Region.

I knew that I wanted to share some documentation from Reggio Emilia, Italy, specifically with regards to the language of clay.  With me, I brought two colours of clay, several professional artists' materials, and a few herbs and greens from the supermarket that intrigued my senses... 

We built relationships with a hands-on learning experience, and documented each other's response to the new materials.

Every group of children

will have different ideas and questions.

Every project is a unique experience that cannot be replicated.

They guide the direction, but it is also dependent on the contexts that we design 

and the materials that we have available.

-Barbara Quinti, Atelierista
Reggio Emilia International Study Tour
April 2019

The above quote really resonates with me, as I believe that it can also relate to the AQ courses that I have taught over the years...  Working with each group of educators is a completely unique experience and is very dependent on their questions, ideas, and overall participation/engagement.

Thank you to all who registered, especially our first fully online participants from Indonesia and Alberta, Canada.  If this course might interest you, there is still time to join us!

Next class, we will be sharing photos and 360 degree video clips from our learning environments, as well as what documentation tools we prefer using.

When documentation is visible

everyone can talk about a project

and go inside the documenter's thinking.

We can see a process over a product.

-Daniela Lanzi, Pedagogista,
Reggio Emilia, International Study Tour,
April 2019

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