Monday, September 26, 2016

I wish I could stop the clock...

My son is currently taking a nap, and I am sitting in my #TransformEdCreative studio feeling a little overwhelmed today wishing that the time could just stand still...  It makes me very emotional to see how quickly he is growing up.  Although I am very proud of him, I simply cannot believe my little baby is looking more and more like a young boy. Can someone please stop the clock?  I do not know if me heart can handle this anymore!  Sometimes I wish that he could stay little forever!

Baby S is 8 months now and I have started to notice that he has interests in the following:

  • The colours red and yellow - he will pick them out of a pile of markers, blocks, books, etc.

  • He has already started to explore reading to himself within his crib or playpen.

  • There is something about animal tails that has him feeling so curious.  First he began to touch and stare at his stuffed animal tails, then he would grab our dog Ruby's tail, and finally anything "tail like" for instance shabby rugs, fabrics with fringes, the bristles on his comb, all intrigued him!  It seems that he likes the sensory aspect of materials or continues to be drawn to textured items!

  • Any kind of glasses, reading glasses or sunglasses, always have his attention.  He likes to hold them, look at them for several minutes analyze each detail, and eventually open and close the sides or put them back onto someone's face.

  • He is beginning to take notice of anyone who is wearing a watch.

In Reggio Emilia I was blown away by their concept of "unhurried time."  The Italian educators try to remain in the moment and slow down as much as possible within each learning experience. I am still working on how to remain present during day-to-day moments.  Somehow I always get wrapped up in the future or even what happened in the past.

As I noted above, Baby S has started to explore the watches that I wear.  This recent interest reminded me of the timeless piece of documentation from the Reggio Emilia resource, "The Diary of Laura."  I loved seeing the educator respond to Laura's curiosity of the ticking of time and extended her wonders by showing her a watch within a fashion catalogue. When I read the documentation and saw that the child put the catalogue image of a watch to her ear, thinking she would hear it ticking I was blown away!  Children never cease to amaze me with how capable they are of thinking and learning!  At any age!

In any event, I wish that I could somehow remain in these moments of warm weather and at home holding onto my son a little longer...  Seems like the best times in our lives fly by the fastest!

* * * * *

Over the summer, I partnered with Jord Watches (@woodwatches_com), and wanted to share with your their unique wooden appearance.  It is hard to pick just one style, but I selected the brightest option which has also turned out to be a perfect colour for the Fall.  It's called the Frankie in Purpleheart & Plum and can be found here.  What I love most about it, is that it's quite large and easy for me to see the time!!


One lucky blog follower will receive a gift card (e-voucher) for $75.00 toward a Jord wooden watch.  Everyone else who participates will receive a $20.00 e-voucher just for entering!!!

To enter:

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  3. Winner will be announced on the blog (below in the comment section) on October 5th, 2016.

Good luck!

Thank you also to @my_secret_photography for some of the pictures that were captured within this blog post!  I also enjoyed photographing my new accessory while on vacation!  

Have a happy week!