Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shine your light! You never know who it might inspire…

It should come as no surprise that I loved anything to do with the arts in elementary school.  In Grade 5 I had the most inspiring visual arts teacher named Mrs. Amy Ha from Timberbank Public School in the TDSB.  I remember her so clearly!  She was patient, calm, and a gifted artist.  Naturally, I wanted to be just like her and started my own creative studio called “Art School” within my basement.  My younger brother became my first student, even though the attendance had at least twenty others on it!  I was quite fortunate that my parents supported my "school" and purchased me a chalk board, fine art supplies, and mounted chart paper for my art demonstrations, taught in the style of Mrs. Ha.  

My "art school" was the place to be, and many of my childhood friends would come over to visit and be creative for hours.  One friend in particular (Anna Tsoulogiannis) loved it so much that she made her own art room in her basement!  Years later the two of us found ourselves embracing the arts as part of our everyday work.  I, as you all know, try my best to infuse the arts into everything that I teach.  Anna on the other hand, is a talented photographer and lifestyle blogger known by many as Annawithlove.  Her Instagram account has impressively exceeded 17K followers!  I am BEYOND PROUD of her!  Her work is absolutely stunning! 

When our kindergarten students requested that I bring in a real photographer for our “wedding day” - yes we had a wedding day in our classroom and it was completely their idea - I instantly thought of Anna Tsoulogiannis!  I explained to them that Anna and I grew up together and went to the same church and Greek school.  They were very excited to meet my old friend!

Here are some of my favourite photos from our Wedding Day that took place on March 20th:

Anna also put together a very special slideshow for our class which includes the children who were interested/had permission to take part in the wedding:

Thank you to Annawithlove for capturing this special day for us!  Your creativity never ceases to amazing me...  Check out her blog post today that features our time together for the rest of this story!  

Creativity is contagious
Pass it on!