Do you have a price list?

Yes! Please see the price list below...

Our prices for family programs include the child and any adults in their lives who wish to share the experience together! We are happy to have them participate with a parent, nanny, grandparent, etc. Or you can also invite a special relative with you for a visit to celebrate their learning!

A discount is provided for families who attend a class or program with more than one child. The first child pays regular price, and the second child has a different price.

Since, this is classified as an educational program the invoice (if requested) can be added to your taxes for the year.

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  1. Hi there,
    I am a teacher in Ottawa and have begun my first year of FDK. We have begun a tree inquiry and I would love to know more about your tree contest, if you could email me details of how to initiate it with my students I would truly appreciate it...jessica.pantalone@ocdsb.ca
    Thank you....I am a newbie at this so anything would help:)

  2. Hi Joanne,
    I am a teacher FDK for the Halton Catholic Board I really love your blog and learn so much from you!
    I have a few questions about your Thinking and learning time! When do you have this in your day, and what do you have the children do?