Updated Photography and Portfolio Procedures:

Registering for any of our programs gives you permission to photograph or videotape your child's experience in our studio space. If you choose to share pictures with family/friends on social media, to help respect our copyright and creative ideas, we kindly request that you tag/reference our program (@joannebabalis - www.myclassroomtransformation.blogspot.com or joannemariebabalis@gmail.com) in some way. Throughout your six or twelve weeks, you might also be tagged in any photos that I take and post online through my Instagram or Blog where you can save the images to your phone, tablet or computer.

If you would like me to take photos of your child for a digital portfolio or hardcopy portfolio/memory book there will be an additional charge. Please notify me before the first class if you wish to have my photo documentation of his/her learning.

Order your digital or hardcopy portfolio:
(Please note eTransfers are also accepted to joannemariebabalis@gmail.com and save you the paypal administration fee listed under shipping).  All purchases require HST for tax purposes. 

Digital folder on google docs. for downloading all of my photographs of your child - $40.00 plus HST.
(Available for six week programs)

Portfolio/Memory book with all of my photographs of your child - $85.00 plus HST.
(Available for twelve week programs)

Please note, that if you registered for early bird classes this Spring 2018 that you will still receive a hardcopy portfolio and if you registered for Summer 2018 classes you will still receive a digital folder for free, as a thank you for being one of the first families in our studio programs! 

Starting in September 2018, our new photography and portfolio procedures will begin.

Be sure to let me know if you would like me to photograph your child for any of these options when you register.

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