TransformEd Creative Studio and Learning Centre

Who can come to our classes?

Children from birth to age eight years with a parent, grandparent (we've even had a great grandparent), aunt/uncle, family friend, or Nanny. Our programs are a great way to get out of the house, socialize (children with other children and even adults with other adults), and build lasting relationships. The studio prides itself on giving families a stimulating learning environment that allows children to explore materials beyond the traditional screen time (television, Netflix, YouTube).

What does my registration include?

Your registration includes your child's time in the studio, new materials/experiences to explore each week, and any mark making (early writing)/art work that they create. All art work will be given to your child on the last day.

Our programs are a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child and carve out time to document meaninful memories together! Parent(s)/caregiver(s) will also be encouraged to make observation notes on their child's creative process (e.g., Today Lily chose to use the colour red. -or- Today Sebby said, "I am making a firetruck for you."), as well as capture photos/videos of their child's experience. These moments will be a beautiful keepsake to treasure for years to come. All notes will be added to their artwork and folder.

What sets the TransformEd parent/child sessions apart?

• smaller numbers and attention (intimate private program feel)

• all parents/guardians, grandparents, relatives, nannies, or any other caregiver(s) to the child are welcome

• stimulating and high quality materials to explore in creative ways that are washed/sanitized

• thoughtfully designed open-ended learning environment that is always changing based on the age group or interests

• indoor and outdoor spaces are considered one big learning area to discover in your own pace

• Reggio Emilia inspired approach that follows the child's lead (emergent curriculum)

• inquiry (children's questions/curiosity) and the process of learning are celebrated rather than a product

• social experience that builds lasting relationships for the children and parent(s)/caregivers

• patient and caring educator (also is a PhD student learning about early childhood and the Reggio Emilia approach from Italy) with over twelve years of teaching experience that nurtures children's development and supports parental wonderings

• programs encourage twenty first century skills that prepare children for the future such as collaboration/teamwork, creative innovation, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, adaptability, curiosity/questioning, confidence, etc.

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