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TransformEd Creative Studio and Learning Session.

We pride ourselves on keeping the numbers small for parent/child programs and educator workshops, therefore, it's always recommended to email first ( and find out the availability before proceeding toward payment.

Once we select your date and time, you can reserve your spot with either an eTransfer to the above email address or with your credit card below using paypal.

The cost for 6 weeks/classes is $210+tax ($237.30 per child) and this includes your child's time in the studio, new materials/experiences to explore each week, any mark making (early writing)/art work that they create, and my photo documentation of his/her learning digitally to download at the end of our time together. Parents will also be given the opportunity to order a memory book to keep on their coffee table if interested! Please note that portfolios of learning moments (hardcopy portfolio) with colour printed photos and my notes from their discoveries are included for any 12+ week registrations.

Open Studio: Play and Create is for one hour and costs $35+tax ($39.55 per child).

Curious Children for Multi-Ages: Private Playdates/Group Bookings cost $40+tax ($45.20 per child) for one hour.

The fine print (please read carefully prior to finalizing your registration):

Missed classes, sick days and weather:
The TransformEd Creative Studio has a similar registration process as a community program. Once you sign up, your spot is reserved and materials/programming are planned around these numbers. If your child is sick, you have another event, or can't make the class for whatever reason it will not be re-scheduled. The only time the program will be delivered on another day is due to our own closure or cancellation of programming (e.g., if there is an ice storm and it's unsafe to enter the studio, etc.). Thank you in advance for understanding all of the time efforts that go into planning each class! We completely understand when life happens and will miss you until your return!

Invoices and Return Policy:

If you would like an invoice for your records, please let me know and I would be happy to include one in your package.

All classes/programs are non-refundable, as the numbers affect overall planning and coordination. You may, however, give your spot to someone else and email me about the changes so that I can update my list. Think of this like a ticket to a concert - once you register, your spot is confirmed. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Credit Card Registration (Please note eTransfers are also accepted and save you the paypal administration fee listed under shipping).  All classes require HST for tax purposes. 

Exploring Everywhere for Infants

Age: Infants - Birth to 18 months with Parent/Caregiver

Investment for 6 weeks/classes (each class is one hour): $210 + tax = $237.30

Discovery Days for Toddlers

Age: 18 months to 3.5 years old with Parent/Caregiver

Investment for 6 weeks/classes (each class is one hour): $210 + tax = $237.30

Igniting Inquiry for Pre/School Aged

Age: 3.5 to 8 years old

Inquiry is a process that cannot be rushed, and as such, it is recommended that you consider signing up for all three sessions (all three months) to get the most out of this creative experience!

Investment for 6 weeks/classes (each class is one hour): $210 + tax = $237.30

Investment for 12 weeks/classes (each class is one hour): $420 + tax = $474.60

Open Studio: Play and Create!

Age: Birth-8 years old with Parent/Caregiver (Studio is setup to support various age groups all at one time - ***for a complete experience with the entire studio setup for you child’s age specifically, please inquire about our six week programs that are by age)

Investment for 1 class (one hour on specific dates): $35 + tax = $39.55

Current dates: (Please email first to select your time)
  • Sunday, June 24th, 2018
  • Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Preschool Greek School

Age: Birth to Kindergarten (Once they are in Grade 1, it is recommended that they attend a Greek School program)

Investment for 6 weeks/classes (each class is one hour): $210 + tax = $237.30

Curious Children for Multi-Ages and Stages: Private Playdates/Group Bookings

You will have access to the studio with your privacy, for as long and for as many sessions as we plan together! Your group will also have the ability to select mixed age group and a time that matches you work/life schedule (from our hours of operation). All programs will be similar to any of the descriptions above, however, a twelve week minimum is required for a portfolio.

Customize your experience today!

***To begin planning your group's program, please email

Private Lessons

Interested in building your child's confidence in a one-on-one or small group custom learning experience?

TransformEd also provides private sessions for piano, art, reading/writing, and Greek language classes.

***To begin planning your custom package, please email

Events TransformEd - Children's Creative Corners

***For a group rate to visit my studio on a birthday/special event or to have a space created at your party, please email me

*NEW and for a Limited Time!* - REFERRAL PROGRAM SPRING/SUMMER 2018*

If you refer one new family to the TransformEd Creative Studio and Learning Centre and they register for a six week program in SPRING/SUMMER 2018, then you/your child will get one free class added to your session ($35.00 + tax value). Refer more families and get more free classes! (E.g., two new family referrals = two free classes added, three new family referrals = three free classes added, etc., etc.) Please note, that this referral program will only be honoured if you are already signed up to a TransformEd Creative Studio six week program, and can be given to one of your children attending. In addition to this, once you have referred a new family and they have registered/participated, they cannot be referred back again at a later date or for another program. Each new family is a one time referral and savings only! The more people that you know who have children 0-8 years, the more that you can refer for this special opportunity! Finally, this offer excludes educator workshops.

* * * * *

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me by email!

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