Collaborative Painting Piece

Here is the story of our collaborative painting piece from the open-house as it was presented to the students:

 The students were amazed by the painting and couldn't wait to see it...

and touch it...

In fact they couldn't keep their hands off of it!

Here is what they thought of the collaborative painting piece:

Ms. Babalis: What do you think about this painting made by the visitors?

E.L.: That's beautiful.

Z.L.: I don't know why they made a bird.

N.Z.: They tried their best, because I see them do it kind of nicely.  I think that the visitors were proud of it, because they tried hard.

J.J.: Beautiful, because it's add detail.

J.A.: Because it is so creative, because the sky looks like the picture.

M.L.: It's beautiful and the sky is nice and they painted some hills.

J.G.: It's beautiful and I liked it, and your dad painted a little eagle.  I like it!

G.G.: I see blue sky.

S.F.: I like the painting, because it's beautiful and it's so colourful and it's so detailed.  I really like it and it's nice!

C.H.: It's really good, because it looks good.  (Points to the white spot on the painting.) The visitors didn't paint that spot. (Points to the bottom of the painting.)  That looks like a forest fire.

T.M.: I think that they took really long to make it, because I see that they did Monet's "tache" technique.

Now it rests in my office with the purpose of inspiring me to blog for all of you amazing educators  (many of which contributed in creating it) who are following our journey!  I'm still in disbelief with the turn out to our open-house event, and especially with visitors driving three to four hours in the rain to see us.

Thank you everyone for your continued support with the blog and wonderful contribution to this masterpiece!

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  1. So glad my picture was able to be turned into such an incredible piece of artwork! Well done everyone!

  2. Thank you Jenn for inspiring us!! You are quite the photographer!!

  3. Love this idea for a school's open house project for parents! :)

  4. Thanks Alma! I love how collaborative art pieces bring people together!!

  5. This is amazing, and would love to do it for our open house for kindergarten. We are discussing community and it would be an amazing transition for them to understand community is so much more than a "place." Is there anyway you could post a bigger picture of what your instructions on the table were?

  6. Thank you!

    What a great idea to invite families to participate!

    I love collaborative tasks!

    It just says to feel free to add to our collaborative art piece. If you click on the photo you can enlarge it and then zoom in.