"I think we can send a letter!"

Our classroom is involved in an amazing project entitle the "We Can See" project.  Please see our previous post for more information.  As a class, we have decided to create a binder with documentation notes, photos, work samples, and other "We Can See" books from our friends around our school board, city, province and the world.

After having received a wonderful letter from the Lorna Jackson Public School students, we reviewed our documentation notes and began to think about how we would respond.

We hope that our friends at Lorna Jackson Public School are pleased with this post that is dedicated to them.  They continue to inspire us to improve our technology skills within our classroom.  If you haven't already, you should visit their blog at http://ljpskindergartenteam.blogspot.ca.  Their students are engaged in many fabulous learning opportunities, thanks to their innovative educators and principal.

Dear Lorna Jackson Public School,

How are you doing?  We are the kindergarten students from Bond Lake P.S. that you wrote to.  We loved your letter and compliments.  It made us feel happy to know that you liked our surprise!  Clouds are so fascinating.  "Fascinating" is a fancy word for "interesting."

Here are some compliments, connections, and questions that we had for you:


D.B.: I like the playground.  It is cool, because of the colours when they play hide and seek they have a place to hide. 

H.W.: I saw the back of their beautiful school.

T.M.: I liked the basketball nets.  They can play basketball.  They can practise shooting in the net.

Z.A.: I like all of it.  I love to read the words and I love to see the pictures.  


S.F.: Our school has a fence and they have a fence!

T.M.: They have a shed and we have a shed!  They must have a shed to hold all their toys in!

J.A.: We see a stop sign at your school.  We have one too!


L.N.: I wonder if their teacher is nice or not.

An.Si.: I wonder why a little bit of your school is same like ours.

S.F.: I wonder how much stuff they have inside their school to play with.

J.A.: I wonder why you have lots of signs?

S.F.: I wonder if they have a class pet.  I think it is a guinea pig!

L.N.: I wonder what animal they have or if they don't have an animal.

J.A.: What do you look like?

Thank you for your letter.  We have attached some pictures that we wanted to draw for you.


Ms. Babalis and Mrs. Ham's Class from Bond Lake Public School.

G.G.: We can draw Lego Ninjago for Lorna Jackson P.S. to see, because maybe they do or they don't know about them.

An.Si.: I know that the boys will know what Ninjago is, because maybe they watch it!  And the girls won't know, because they don't watch them.

This was a very big debate between three of our boys.  We would love to hear if your students know about Ninjago (girls and boys).

Here are the Ninjago pictures made by some of our boys from our Spinners and Movement Inquiry:

Ms. Babalis was wondering: 

What projects or inquiries are happening in your classroom? Can you write back and talk to us about them?

We hope that you enjoyed this post.  

I am in the process of trying to create a blog that is dedicated to the "We Can See" project started up by Angie Harrison.  Maybe it can become a meeting place for educators and students around the world who wish to participate, share, write, and learn from one another!

Stay tuned!!!

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