What we can see at Bond Lake P.S.

Mrs. Ham and I are fortunate to work for a school board that is filled with very passionate and technologically talented/progressive educators.  So much so, that one (Angie Harrison) suggested we begin a "We Can See" project to connect our kindergarten classrooms and communities online through our blogs and the Twitterverse.

This project allows us to create books in any format (iPhoto, iMovie, ComicLife, etc.) to share what is unique and similar about our school contexts.  Thus far, it has been a wonderful opportunity for many authentic experiences, including, but not limited to, shared reading, shared writing, and discussions.

Here is a peek into our first "We Can See" book:

If you are one of our blog followers and woud like to be included in this exciting project, please post a comment below.  We would love to have more schools from around our city, province, country, and THE WORLD join in!

Thank you again to Angie Harrison for organizing this, and to those who have already submitted their books.  Our students are really enjoying making connections about what they see and read. 

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  1. Hello,
    We are Kindergarten students from Lorna Jackson Public School.

    We really liked your book. The surprise of the clouds was nice and thank you for thinking about us.

    We would like to compliment you on your book.
    - "That was a very nice book because you saw lots of different things." - S.M.
    - "I liked the ladybug." - R.L.
    - "I liked the park." - W.F.
    - "I really liked the volcano clouds!" - L.D.
    - "I liked how you put a surprise for us." - I.D.
    - "I liked the slide." - A.M.
    - "I liked their outdoor classroom." - W.F.

    Did you like our book? We wish you could send us a letter back.

    Ms. Schmidt & Ms. Theis' Kindergarten Class
    Lorna Jackson Public School

  2. Dear Ms. Schmidt and Ms. Theis' Kindergarten Class,

    We are in the process of preparing our next blog post as a response to your letter.

    Can't wait until we are finished and you get to read it!


    Ms. Babalis and Mrs. Ham's Class