On Display: Shara-Lynn Fraser and Amy Di Cristofaro Co-Create their Learning Space with the Support of their Students

Thank you for continuing to check in with our blog! We have many more interesting "On Display" features in store for you this summer.  Today, two collegues of mine from the York Region District School Board have given me the opportunity to interview them on the environment as third teacher, and how they co-created it alongside their students.

Shara-Lynn Fraser and Amy Di Cristofaro are teaching partners at Nellie McClung Public School. As they embarked on their journey to design their new FDK learning space, they kept a video journal of their changes and reflections.  This work informed many educator teams across our school board, and can be accessed on the BWW.

I would like to thank Shara-Lynn and Amy for sharing their insights with us and enriching the content on this blog.  Looking forward to continuing to learn from and with both of you!

Our interview can be read and downloaded below in the pdf that Shara-Lynn and Amy created for this post: 

Thank you again to Shara-Lynn and Amy for agreeing to share all that they've learned and taking the time to inform our growing number of blog visitors!

If you have any comments or questions to ask this teaching team, please do not hesitate to leave them a message below.

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  1. This is a wealth of sharing! What a wonderful, in depth look at how to set up a classroom, and a teacher/DECE relationship too. I'm inspired, and look forward to the time, in just over a year, when I'll be setting up to share in a FDK environment. Thank you for a well-written post.

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  3. Hi! I have been a teacher for 14 years, and this is my 4th year in kindergarten. I want to transform my classroom as well but I truly am having heart palpitations! I am creative and an outside of the box thinker so one would think I can make this transition. Where I am struggling with the concept is a few organizational issues as well as guided reading. When I pull small groups, are the kids still playing? Or are they doing literacy activities? I've done the Daily Five for the last five years. Also, we have sight words that we are expected to teach. How do I yeah these holistically? And.... As far as materials, do you switch these in and out and on what basis? For kindergarten, how do I implement this slowly? I am sorry but I really want to implement the emergent curriculum.

  4. I LOVE this blog!! This summer I have been reading your posts and I cannot thank-you enough for taking the time to share your experiences and knowledge. I am teaching FDK this September and you are a great inspiration!! I was looking at your posts from September 2012 and I was wondering if you open all of the centres pictured on the first day? If so do you spend time discussing expectations, routines,teaching students how to clean up, etc.? Or do you have another approach? Thanks again for the wonderful blog you have created!!