CTI Session 1 !

Welcome to CTI!

I am so excited that we are all able to come together for the very first time!  How w-o-n-d-e-r-ful indeed! 

Tonight is a chance for us to get to know each other and begin to build our relationships.  Please enjoy yourself!

Here are a few questions that might guide your thinking this evening with some of the people that you are sitting with:

What brought you to CTI?

How will this community support your learning?  Where are you on your inquiry journey?

Have you had any inquiry sparks thus far in the school year? If so, share what has been happening!

How can we stay connected throughout the month when we aren’t together?

What would we like our face-to-face format to be?

How can the online format compliment this?

What is your vision for CTI?

Share your thoughts :

  1. What a wonder-full evening Joanne - thank you for organizing! It was truly lovely meeting and chatting with an old friend and meeting several new ones tonight. Lots of great brainstorming happened around inquiry and how to get the kiddos involved and interested. I can go back next week and solidify what I'm doing and know that it's the right thing no matter what others are doing around us.
    The food was great! Thanks to everyone who brought such yummy dishes.