On Display: A visit with a real author and illustrator!

In the Fall, our students began to show an interest in writing stories and creating books.  When Sarah Kraftchuk, the author of the children's story "Love To Be Me" approached Mrs. Ham and I to read her book to our class, we thought that it would be an extremely meaningful opportunity for them!

We were also very pleased that Sarah brought with her the illustrator Sari Richter and that together they shared with us their process.

Here are a few photos from their visit:

If you are interested in purchasing this book or following the work of Sarah Kraftchuk and Sari Richter you can connect with them:

"Love To Be Me" celebrates the message that children can love their body parts because of their function, not for the way they appear.  It touches upon the importance of inclusiveness, acceptance, self-love and kindness.  Sarah (author) believes that "making the world a kinder place starts with being kind to yourself."  

"Love To Be Me" is a great resources for Kindergarten and elementary aged students.  It supports learners' personal and social development.

Thank you to Sarah and Sari for a wonderful morning!  We L-O-V-E our new storybook and cannot wait to create more of our own!

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  1. Thanks so much for having us in your beautiful classroom, Joanne!