Spring cleaning!

Welcome to TransformEd.  

Did you notice that I started to do some Spring cleaning on the blog? I hope that the fresh new look has you feeling intrigued both by the title and overall appearance! TransformEd is short form for Transform Education.

Spring has arrived in full force!  I hope that these images inspire you to take some time to appreciate the natural beauty within your surroundings. 

Thank you as always for continuing to support my work and for visiting the blog.  Happy Spring! :)

Extensions for home or your program: Consider taking a walk in your neighbourhood and look at the blossoms, buds, and flowers that are growing.  Photograph them or bring along a clipboard with a blank piece of paper to try some observational drawings.  And for something a little different, consider googling "monkey orchids."  Record any wonderings!

It is Spring again.  

The Earth is like a child 

that knows poems by heart. 

-Rainer Maria Rilke

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  1. I really like the new look of your blog! Beautiful photos of flowers - you are becoming quite the photographer. Onward with new adventures. ;-)


    1. Thanks so much Kim! You are always so positive and supportive!

      I am extremely excited to see how the blog evolves and where it might lead me!!



  2. Absolutely LOVE the new look of your blog. Your nature photography is exquisite!!!!

  3. Just wanted to say that I really like the layout of the new blog! I also like the name change as you really are helping to transform thinking within the education field. As always, thanks for being an inspiration!

    Tracey Pouliot. Mrspgrade1@blogspot.ca and wonderexplorediscover1@blogspot.ca

  4. I really like the new look of your blog and those photos are fantastic. I finally got a new camera and this has me feeling inspired to go outside and try it out. I love when all the flowers bloom.