The Sunflowers

Every year I always try my best to find something worthy of our students' mothers to present them with on Mother's Day. This year we decided to connect our gift to our Growth Inquiry.  I hope that this blog post celebrates how beautifully it all came together after I had set out the following invitation for learning (image on the right).

First the students painted sunflowers inspired by Van Gogh, and then made their moms a card of their process.  Within each child's card there were also some sunflower seeds with a little note for the moms to plant them and sprout an inquiry within their home.  The children even learned a song to sing from YouTube, and were encouraged to ask their Dad to find it on their computer, laptop, or smart device to accompany their singing!  

Here are some pictures of our hard work:

I am so proud of our students for their dedication to this important project!  Mrs. Ham and I hope that you all had a lovely Mother's Day!

Even though Mother's Day is over, maybe this post will provoke your class to begin a study of sunflowers!

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  1. Dear Friend,
    This was so inspiring and gave me my year theme for the art room "Let's Grow Together," Blessings, Chery

  2. Dear Joanne,
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience! I am currently in school to get my degree in Early Childhood Education, and am inspired by your efforts to integrate art into the curriculum of your program. With this exploration in particular, I am impressed by how the project was able to have so many connections. Just asking students to decorate a Mother's Day card with flowers might not be the most meaningful project, but in your classroom this project was relevant to the ongoing Growth Inquiry. I think there was a lot of value in supplying the children with physical flowers to touch and explore as well as presenting another artist's interpretation of flowers before they painted their own. I often find myself thinking about what holidays and celebrations should be incorporated into my future classroom. The idea of Mother's Day in particular is a difficult one for me to come to a conclusion on- all families are unique in their relationships and their structure. This project looks like it was very successful and each student created a lovely card for their mother, but I am just wondering if you have ever planned on doing a Mother's Day project but had a student without a mother to make a card for? If so, how were you able to adjust the project without singling out the student? Once again, I think this exploration was wonderfully executed and documented, thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and feedback !! Such thoughtful reflections too!!

      We actually offer this as the creation of art for any lady in their life that they love ! Some children select their mom, grandma, aunty etc.

      Hope that this helps !!

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