A colourful collaboration!

I thought that I would share with you an example of one of my pedagogical documentation panels during a project that was in process.  

This panel was created for educators to interpret the learning and support my planning of next steps.  The post-it notes at the end were intentional, with the hope that it would become an interactive experience.

I printed the panel in poster size at Staples Business Depot and mounted it onto black bristle board.  Soon it will be part of our new school library's history, as I plan to keep it up on the walls long after the project ends.


I still find it quite challenging to edit down my daily documentation (photographs, work samples, student talk, etc.) into one comprehensive piece.  Even though I was tempted to include the "whole story" of what happened, I tried to only share the most significant parts and theories.  

What is your interpretation?  Leave a comment below...

"If documentation is a design process,

its purpose is first to make learning visible,

which allows for collaborative discussion and interpretations with others to generate new "designs" for further learning and experience.

The design of what to do next in one's practice arises from the discussion and interpretations of the documentation; 

in this way, pedagogical documentation contributes to an emergent curriculum."

                                                                                                                 -Wien, 2008

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