Royal Treatment at Louise Kool & Galt

Back in the Winter when I had presented at the Reading for the Love of It conference, I had the pleasure of meeting Cathy Elliott and Sonia Polak, sales representatives from Louise Kool & Galt. We bumped into each other again during a presentation in Ottawa, and later they generously sponsored my TransformEd Summer Workshops.

When I was invited to their showroom for a personal tour and discussion about future collaborations, I thought why not invite my friends of #4EverInspired to share in the fun?  We had such an incredible experience and fell in love with their entire inventory!!!  I will certainly have to return to pick up some wooden toys for the nursery that I am designing...

Here are some images from our experience:

Louise Kool & Galt is a high-quality early childhood provider that I fully endorse!  It is so refreshing to go through a catalogue and see representation of products that support current practices in the field.

Here are my top 10 wish list items:

*Please note that these items are in no particular order!
** To find out more information including the price, please click on the SKU number!

SKU 350-86391

SKU 109-103862

SKU 350-62050

SKU 068-0419

SKU 077-L320

SKU 350-31473

SKU 109-103330

SKU 093-6230

SKU 608-2160

SKU 109-102701

Quite honestly, I think I could have listed one hundred items from this amazing company!!! What is on your wish list?  Maybe a $50.00 gift certificate to Louise Kool & Galt might help!  Check out our Instagram account for four chances to win this free and fabulous giveaway! 

Thank you again to Cathy and Sonia for giving #4EverInspired the royal treatment!  

Thank you also to all of our blog followers who have provided us with positive feedback about our collaborative group!  We hope that you enjoyed our re-launch of what we anticipate to be an exciting year ahead!

Reflectively yours,

#4EverInspired xoxo

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  1. Looks like a very fun day! Inspired again! I really have to figure out my Instagram account to enter these contests. Joanne, you and your bump look fabulous. I wish you all the best as you head back in September. Looking forward to implementing the things I learned at your summer workshop this school year.

    Michelle (new to FDK!!)