When in doubt, just add glitter!

Congrats - you have officially survived the first month of school! That is definitely worth celebrating with #4EverInspired's classroom essentials giveaway... 

Each member has contributed some of their favourite resources, as well as shared on their blogs their top ten lists!  Be sure to visit our Instagram accounts to enter, by commenting on your best back to school moment during the past month!

My contribution and list comes from a recent shopping trip at Wal-Mart, where I believe that they have the best back to school prices!!  I hand-picked ten items that often fill my basket/cart ... Oh and maybe I snuck in one more for good luck!  My husband told me that my selections were so stereotypical "teacher," but honestly I just couldn't help myself...  I am a teacher, after all!!

Here are a few of my favourite things:

If you win my portion of the giveaway with your heart-warming first month memory, you will receive some of my hand-picked "must haves!"

They include:
  • colourful ink pens that are perfect for documentation
  • a clipboard to organize all of your endless notes
  • whicker basket for storing just about anything in your classroom
  • magnifying glass for limitless inquiry possibilities
  • large post-it notes to record wonderings
  • several tubes of sparkles - my trade mark over the years since I apparently leave a trail of glitter behind me wherever I go...

Thank you for continuing to follow and support our #4EverInspired giveaways/adventures!

We hope that this fun contest will help you to stock up those cupboards, which if anything like ours might already be depleting!!!

Be sure to also visit my "events" page with your chance to meet our team at the next #TransformEdWorkshop this October 25th!

Wishing you all a happy October and Fall Season...

Reflectively yours,

#4EverInspired xoxo

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When in doubt,

just add glitter!


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