A few flower encounters on a Friday evening!

If you know me personally, or follow my work on social media, you have probably noticed my love for flowers.  Whenever possible I like to have a fresh bouquet in my office, kitchen, and classroom.  I feel as though it invites a sense of beauty, calm, elegance, and wonder to any space.

Over the years I have curated many provocations for children and adults with flowers.

Included are a few of my encounters with flowers: 

(And this barely touches the surface of the number of images that I have with flowers!  I have so many more that I will have to share at another time with all of you!)

I love to partner with florists whenever possible! Flowers are a form of art that make me feel happy! I don't know what it is, the colours, or scents, but they just improve my mood instantly to be near them!  For my son's baptism I entrusted the exceptionally talented @bloomsbytanya to create the flower arrangements.  She too is a mama and teacher like me, so we instantly had a connection.

Here is a small message from Tanya that inspired me this week:

My passion for flowers came alive over 15 years ago when I had the opportunity to professionally create what I had been dreaming about. As a child some of my most wonderful memories are those of my grandparent’s garden. Together we spent countless hours admiring the beauty nature has to offer. The traditions of our family continued to grow and now that I have my own family, I can practice the same traditions with my daughter.  Floral arranging is not just about combining roses and peonies in a vase. It’s about how the two can be paired to create this lovely piece of art. Having the ability to share my visions with the dreams of others is a privilege for me. But most importantly, making those lasting memories come to life.

Take a look at her artwork:

I wish I had known about her for my wedding!  It is so nice to meet people who are living their passion!   

My love for flowers has lead me to exploring various arrangements on my own, but perhaps it might take me down the path of taking a course someday soon!

I hope that this blog post put a smile on your face and that you have a flower-filled Friday!  I know that I did writing this for you!


Joanne Marie Babalis

Always take time to smell 

the flowers, and let it fill you with beauty,

and rediscover that sense of wonder.

-Louis Schwartzberg

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