Come and learn with me at the Seneca Lab School!

Interested in visiting the Seneca Lab School?  

Come and learn with me this summer either with the York University Kindergarten Part 1, 2, Specialist combined AQ course that will take a field trip to this Reggio-inspired space or spend a whole week within their classrooms discussing the learning environment as the third teacher with the Ontario Reggio Association!

Two and a half years ago I had the distinct privilege to visit the Seneca Lab School on the Newnham Campus thanks to the generous invitation of Tanya Farzaneh.  This blog post has been a long time in the making, and as I selected the photographs I began to feel so excited to return over the Summer!  Thank you also to June Williams for approving our session dates! 

Take a look at what I saw...

Inspiring lobby for families and visitors to enter:

Inviting hands-on learning space for educators professional development, including our own: 

Creative classrooms that we will be able to observe to support our thinking and learning:

As I explored the Seneca Lab School, I recall being so blown away by the beauty of each learning area and how there was so much attention to detail even in the smallest spaces!

Who wouldn't want to learn here - children and adults alike?

Are you interested in the details for these sessions that I am instructing at the Seneca Lab School?

  • Ontario Reggio Association 25 hour Certificate Program - "Environments that Support Learning Interactions" at the Seneca Lab School (July 24 - July 28 from 10:00-3:00 p.m.) To register click here*This is for teachers and RECE's !

(There is also an "Introduction to Emergent Curriculum in FDK and Early Learning Settings" earlier on in July if you wish to take that first.  Click here for the details about this session, located at the equally inspiring Bishop Strachan School.  The facilitators are Mary Jane Miller and Ellen Brown) 

  • York University Blended Kindergarten Course Part 1, 2, and Specialist - Summer 2017 at Richmond Hill High School (July 4, 5 online, 6, 10 online, 11, 12 online, 13, 17 online, 18, 19 online from 8:30-4:00 p.m.) To register for click here*This is for teachers and RECE's !

**We will be visiting the Seneca Lab School as a one day field trip!

I cannot wait to learn alongside some Reggio-inspired educators over the month of July.  Hope you will join us! :)

Unable to join us in person, but still interested in learning about the environment as third educator or popular early childhood educational approaches like the Reggio Emilia philosophy?

You can also consider my TransformEd Tea Talk Tuesdays or downloadable eWorkshops. To register click here or email me at

  • New eWorkshop! The Third Educator: Designing and Transforming your Learning Environment (4 hours - July 4, 11, 18, 25 from 9:00-10:00 p.m.)

This session will talk about:
  • How your learning environment can become the third educator in the room
  • Concepts of time, space, and materials 
  • Reggio Emilia inspired spaces
  • Suggested starting points for your own classroom transformation
  • Weekly challenges that support your design dreams

  • eWorkshop Popular ECE approaches, theories, and concepts: An introduction to research in the early years (12 hours - Aug. 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 from 8:00-10:00 p.m.)

This series will talk about and introduce the following:

Session 1 - Reggio Emilia Approach
Session 2 - Montessori Approach and Waldorf Approach
Session 3 - High Scope Approach and Bank Street Approach
Session 4 - Forest Kindergarten and Theory of Loose Parts
Session 5 - Play-Based Learning Approach and Math Problem Solving
Session 6 - Inquiry Based Learning Approach and Mosaic Approach 

To act as an educator for the child, 

the environment has to be flexible:

it must undergo frequent modification by the children

and the teachers to remain up-to-date and responsive

to their needs to be protagonists in constructing their knowledge.

-Edwards, Gandini & Forman, 2012, p. 339

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