5 Differences Between my First and Second Pregnancies

I cannot claim that my pregnancies were completely alike, but there were definitely some changes with carrying a girl or even being pregnant for the second time...  It makes me wonder what the delivery will be like, and also what she will be like as an infant in comparison to my son!

Here are the top 5 differences between my first and second pregnancies: 

1. My hair and overall appearance - Perhaps this is more related to caring for my existing infant and the lack of energy/time I have had, but I did not feel the same "pregnancy glow" while expecting our little lady.  When I was pregnant with our baby boy, however, my skin was brighter, my hair was shinier, thicker, and grew very quickly.  With the girl on the other hand, I rarely felt like I was "glowing" and found that both my hair and skin were quite dry.    

2. My appetite - With my first baby, I practically had to force myself to eat.  I worked really hard at being healthy and only indulged at special events. This time around I am hungry AROUND THE CLOCK and I tend to give in to a lot more of my cravings! Will share some of those and food aversions in my next pregnancy post...

3. My circulation - With our boy I had many dizzy spells and sometimes had difficulty catching my breath.  Maybe my blood wasn't circulating properly, which later impacted my inconsistent/ irregular blood pressure from being too low or spiking when stressed...  In any event, this continued with my next experience with an added bonus!  I am not sure if it's due to the change in seasons, however, I have found that in the second pregnancy (over the warmer months) that I have also become swollen.  Sometimes I don't even recognize my own hands or feet! 

4. My weekly growth - I popped right away with baby #2!  Each week I grow bigger and BIGGER! Sometimes I wonder how big I will become and the size of the baby that I will deliver!  Sebby grew in the shape of a round basketball, whereas Baby V is more of an oval.  Regardless of the size/shape of my bump, I carried both babies quite high and felt a tremendous amount of movement!  The girl actually surprises me each day with her dance moves - I feel like she will be a little firecracker!!!

5. My emotions - With my son I noticed that little things that shouldn't bother me turned into a big a deal.  I took everything personally and was very sensitive or easily stressed!  With my daughter, I recognized right away how much more emotional I was. Everything makes me cry - the news, books I read, watching children perform their special talents, thinking of my son as a toddler and going to school/all of his life's milestones, picturing our life as a family of four, etc.  And this is coming from an already emotional Mama!!!  My poor family...

Anyway, it's interesting how the body and mind react to pregnancy... Every woman that I've talked to has a different story to share.  Some of my above symptoms might sound relatable, and yet there are many stereotypical changes that I never experienced like severe morning sickness, stretch marks, skin outbursts, strange cravings, or heartburn.  I remember going to the doctor both times at the 3 month mark, wondering if I was really pregnant since I hadn't experienced these obvious signs.

Now there is no denying that our little lady is on her way and I know that she will make a big splash in this world!

In closing, what I have come to understand and appreciate is that a woman's body is truly remarkable in what it can endure!  To this day I still have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that I grew a human being, and now I am onto the next...

Never do I take this for granted and continue to feel grateful with every day/week that passes us by.

Special thank you to @shoppinkblush (my go to online maternity store) for this opportunity to collaborate and also to @anchorstudio for their beyond beautiful photographs! If you haven't taken a walk downtown Toronto by the Lakeshore this summer - you really should!  It's so stunning!!!

It's all in the details:

Dress - @shoppinkblush

Photography - @anchorstudio

Location - Lakeshore West (Toronto Western Beaches near the Sunnyside Pavilion

The changes in your body

will last for just nine months,

but the beauty of motherhood will 

enhance you for the rest of your life.

-Unknown author

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