39 weeks: Pregnancy confessions and cravings

Is it already 39 weeks?  In some ways this pregnancy has gone by very quickly, and in other ways it has lasted longer than ever!  Perhaps it's because I cannot wait to meet this little lady and experience all the ways that she will change our family.  On the other hand I am not in a rush to deliver, as I feel that all good things come to those who wait. She will make her debut when she's ready!  

I thought that I would write a blog post about my pregnancy with some of my confessions and cravings to mark this last week before the expected due date...

5 Pregnancy Confessions:

  • My mama intuition is completely off - I thought I was having a boy this time around (when in fact I'm having a girl) and with my first I thought that I was having a girl (when in fact I had a boy)! Somehow I am always wrong...  But in the end it didn't/doesn't matter to me either way!  Healthy baby first...

  • I count my blessings and don't take anything for granted - Each night I pray to make it to the next week in my pregnancy.  I know how precious life is, and how lucky I am to become a Mama for the second time.  I wear my baptismal cross and evil eye charm to keep us all safe and away from harm's way. 

  • Fear of labour/delivery - I am more afraid to deliver this time than I was with my first baby, because I already know what to expect.  I feel like it was a little bit easier when I had no idea what was going on!  Going into labour also means the responsibility of caring for a newborn and toddler.  How will I ever manage?

  • I don't think I will ever lose this baby weight - I have gained the same as my first pregnancy (actually slightly less), but since I'm swollen I feel like I'm way bigger!  This hasn't given me a lot of motivation to dress up or go out the way I did when I was carrying my son.  I am tired all the time and rather just keep my feet up at home.

  • How do people with more than one child survive their third/fourth pregnancies? - I have to admit, raising an infant who just became a toddler this month while being pregnant is no joke! By the time I put S down for his nap, after a morning of playing together, I am in need of one myself!  Not to mention how being a Mom and trying to remember everything about your existing child's schedule means forgetting some/most of your own.  If I don't write something down Mama brain kicks in - and I have heard that this only gets worse with each pregnancy.  My hats go off to those brave ladies who go through pregnancy with two young children that are different ages and have different demands/schedules...  I am barely surviving with one!

5 Pregnancy Cravings:

  • CARBS CARBS CARBS - I can literally eat a bowl of pasta every single day!  If that's not available, then potatoes (any way - especially french fries) or rice are equally fulfilling! 

  • Sugar - I cannot resist sugar with this pregnancy.  What I have been indulging most in are maple cream filled donuts, oatmeal cookies, sour peach candies, and ice cream with caramel on top/inside.

  • Tomato sauce - I guess since I crave pasta it would only make sense to want a rich spaghetti sauce...  I have also wanted tomato sauce on my eggplant parmesan, to dip my bread into, and on the side of my panzerotti pizza's! 

  • Cheese - Cheese can be as addicting as chocolate!  It just makes everything taste better!  I can't get enough cheese and give in every time that it's in front of me!

  • Taco Bell - (so embarrassing!!!) I love Mexican food, but the best places are downtown.  Obviously, not the same quality but gosh have I loved the taco and fries supreme! 

If you have experienced pregnancy before, what were some of your confessions or cravings? I would love to read about them in my Instagram comments or below on the blog!

Please also note that I wasn't eating unhealthy on a daily basis, and was still careful enough with my diet to ensure the little lady was getting all of her nutrients!

It was really special to include my son and mom in some of these photos to help us celebrate Mother's Day together.  These are moments we will now be able to cherish for so many years to come!

All of these gorgeous photographs were made possible by the talented team of @janinedapontephotography. What I love most about them is how fairytale-like they turned out! A quality like none other that I have encountered before...  Quite honestly, I am not quite sure which ones I will frame since one is better than the next...

For my final maternity shoot (at 37 weeks), Janine and Lee invited me to experience their outdoor fairy photoshoot in the woods (see first photo at the top of the blog post and directly below this text).  It was located in a gorgeous private setting within Caledon, Ontario.  The perfect location to wear my designer handmade maternity gown from Sew Trendy Fashion & Accessories

Although at this stage in the pregnancy I am not myself physically, I was lucky enough to have the help of makeup artist @alicia.nikole who helped me feel more beautiful!  I have to thank her for bringing the glow back onto my face for all of these photoshoots!

This month the @janinedapontephotography team will be spending a few more sessions there to exclusively capture little fairies ages 3-10 years old.  I know from experience, that young girls are naturally drawn to the enchantment, fantasy, and wonder of fairies. When I taught Kindergarten (specifically at Bond Lake P.S. YRDSB) I loved to listen to their conversations about creating a fairyland or how fairies came to be.  Whether you believe in them or not, you can't deny their beauty!

Now take a look at how magical the photos turned out from some of their Enchanted Fairy Photography Sessions:

Details about these fairy photoshoots:

The @janinedapontephotography team are now taking bookings for their newly released outdoor fantasy sessions and offering them at an amazing introductory rate. These exclusive photoshoots are unlike anything they have ever done before. They are taking their extensive photography experience and gorgeous, elaborate set designs outside for the first time ever! Unlike other outdoor photo shoot experiences, they are taking it up a notch and will be providing not only ONE beautifully styled outdoor set, but FIVE sets on a breathtaking private property located in Caledon East, Ontario (Canada).

These sessions will be a full production, complete with enchanting set designs, special smoke effects, a cinemagraph / animated image (full session only) and the opportunity for your little girl to model a stunning Anna Triant Couture dress. Each little girl will also be provided with a snack, drink and small gift bag of cosmetics that the little fairies are encouraged to apply before the shoot begins.

Janine and Lee will be offering full session, mini session and group session packages for girls ages 3-10 years of age. 

For package information or to book your enchanted fairy photography session date please visit the JanineDapontePhotography Facebook event page and Website.

Spaces are limited!

It's all in the details:

Photography (all photoshoots) - @janinedapontephotography

Makeup (all photoshoots) - @alicia.nikole

White lace dress - @sewtrendyaccessories (Megan Gown)

Floral headband - @sewtrendyaccessories

Like stardust



Fairies wings

little girls' DREAMS

are of

m*a*g*i*c*a*l* things!

-Unknown author

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