Welcoming our precious flower!

Welcoming Lilianna Grace Vergis to our world!

On Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 at 2:04 p.m. this lovely flower made her first appearance weighing 7 pounds and 13 ounces.

It has been six weeks since our baby girl's arrival, and I feel so pleased to officially introduce you all to her on this Thanksgiving Day.

Lilianna Grace, or in Greek Άννα Θεοχαρία, is a name with deep meaning for us. 

Our daughter is named after my great grandmother, grandmother, and mother. Anna has been in our family of names for years - including my own Ιωάννα (Joanna) and my mom's Μαριάννα (Marianna). Of course we had to continue this tradition for our Lily Lady!!! 

Lilianna, you are two things I admire/love most in this world - strong like my μαμά (mother) and the women that came before her as well as delicate and beautiful like a λουλουδάκι (flower). Your nameday (December 9) is so close to our dating/wedding anniversary - a time of year we have always cherished ! Daddy loved the name Grace and coincidentally it was the name celebrated on August 20th of our original due date.  Θεοχαρία (Theoharia) meaning "with the grace of God," which also seemed fitting for our journey with you - sweet princess...

We love you and welcome you to our family !!! 

Big brother Sebastian Dean has been nothing by proud, gentle, and loving.  Every morning when he wakes up and calls for me to come and take him from his crib, the first words that follow are "babyyyyyy" "seeee" "babyyyy."  He kisses her and curiously wonders about her smaller sized blankets, clothes, pacifiers, and diapers.

On the day Lilianna was born, Sebastian gifted her this "my first dolly," as a special keepsake.

I am sure that she will treasure it for years to come!

Both Mommy and Daddy waited a long time for the chance to hold their precious flower - words cannot describe how thankful we are for our new family of four.

It seems like just yesterday that I was carrying her inside of me...

What a miracle! 

I decided to wear the same dress for our newborn photoshoot, as it continues to amaze me how the female body can grow a human and later return to its size.  It also seemed a shame to only wear it during my maternity photos...

None of these gorgeous photos would be possible without the behind the scenes work of the @janinedapontephotography team - Janine and Lee.  Saying that they were patient with our active toddler and hungry newborn would be a complete understatement.

Thank you as well to @alicia.nikole who brought me back to life with her stunning hair and makeup skills.  Being a Mama to a new baby isn't easy!  Add a toddler in the mix and you don't even have a single nap time to yourself...  I really appreciated being pampered in the comfort of my own home.  This meant I didn't need to drive to a hair salon or makeup studio and that we could take breaks, so that I could feed my infant.

Janine and Lee's photography space is also worth the experience!  It is in a high-rise overlooking trees, cars, and the city - with so much natural light from all of the large windows.  Sebastian loved to look at the cars driving by and I adored all the unique vintage decor.  Over the years Janine has collected many props, outfits, and accessories, making it even easier for a new family to add detail to their photos.  In addition, she is always willing to incorporate your own personal touches, like our fresh lilies and doll.  What I appreciated most, was that all of their photoshoots are differentiated according to the client(s), rather than a replica of what had been previously done.

I am so pleased that we returned to work with  @janinedapontephotography.  They impressed us with Sebastian's newborn's photos and surely didn't disappoint for Lilianna's!  

Such a work of art that will hang on our walls and remain in our hearts for a lifetime!

It's all in the details:

Hair and makeup - @alicia.nikole 

Dress and headband - @sewtrendyaccessories

Styling - @joannebabalis and @janinedapontephotography

Floral robe - @victoriasecret

Finally, I would like to extend a thank you to everyone who has sent us their well wishes over the last few weeks.  Both mommy and baby are doing very well, and have adjusted to life together.

I look forward to raising our little girl and sharing our story or any new learning adventures on the blog and Instagram!

Sending you love on this Thanksgiving Day for a blessed celebration with your families.  Let us all celebrate how truly fortunate we are!

A persons own family is without doubt,

the greatest wealth that they will ever possess.

Treasure every moment and take time to ensure

that the story you create is one that you will be

 proud to look back upon.

-unknown author

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