Happy New Year from TransformEd!

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! 

May 2018 be the year that brings you closer to achieving your dreams - whatever they might be...

I feel like my list of hopes, both personally and professionally, seems to grow by the day!  

Anyone else with me?  

One thing that I am certain of, however, is that my work with this blog or TransformEd Consulting Services is only at the beginning of its journey.  Though many of you may have noticed that I have been quieter than usual on social media, I am actually working very hard behind the scenes.

When both my little ones are tucked into bed at night, I have gained more time off social media to read current research and support my PhD work/presentations, to reflect upon the documentation that I collect of my infant/toddler learning, to create more written/recorded content for downloadable resources, and to plan creative blog posts or sessions for educators, parents, and children of all ages. 

This upcoming Spring, TransformEd will even have its very own studio space! I keep pinching myself - I'm so excited!!!

Please stay tuned and consider subscribing to my new mailing list for information on our progress and learning opportunities:

On the home front, I have been spending my days with the kids and enjoying watching their development.  December was an especially memorable month for us, as we celebrated our third wedding anniversary, my daughter's baptism, my son's nameday, my husband's birthday, and our first family (of four) Christmas!

Here are a few more photographs from our holiday photoshoot:

I know that I am not alone when I say that children grow up too quickly... My youngest is no longer considered a newborn, and let's not even get started with my first baby turning two years old this month!  Tears flood my eyes just thinking about it.  Guess that saying is true - the days feel long, but the years are fast.

Where did two years go? (Heart breaking slightly)

If I could wish for anything in this world, it wouldn't be to win the lottery or to own expensive material things.  Instead, I would wish for time to slow down - even just a little bit...  If only I could have more time with my family and more hours in the day/night to keep doing what I love...

Perhaps this is something that everyone experiences, so I am intentionally trying to remain present in each moment.  Sometimes I document it with photos or videos, sometimes I share it on Instagram or the blog, but mostly I am trying my best to really live them.  Since we can't freeze time, I will smile at my children and listen to them, and respond to their needs/interests without always having a phone or camera in hand. 

It is getting harder and harder to disconnect with technology - but I will save that discussion for a subsequent post...

With that in mind, I am logging off the blog to go and continue reading.

Happy New Year (and belated Christmas) - wherever this post will find you!

Make this year

about what matters 


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