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Dearest blog followers,

There are some big changes on the horizon for TransformEd!

My one room office/studio is transforming into an entire creative space this Spring!  It will be inspired by my work in Kindergarten and the schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy.  TransformEd will have an atelier, inquiry research area, and so much more.

The learning opportunities will be inclusive of all those interested in early childhood education - parents/caregivers, educators, community members, artists, and of course children of varying age groups!

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As I consider the environment, I am really striving to make it the third educator.  For those of you new to this concept, our students have many educators in their lives... First they have the adults (parents, teachers, RECE's, etc.), then their peer group (their friends), and finally the place (learning environment) where they spend their time.  To me a learning environment is not limited to the four walls of a classroom within a school.  It is also the outdoor areas, spaces where the child engages at home, or any other experiences he/she might become exposed to.  For instance, the public library can be a learning environment, and so can the supermarket.  It really just depends on how you view the context and what provokes your child to think, play, explore, inquire, and learn.

How is your room designed? 

What materials are you using to stimulate young minds?

Have you thought about the social, emotional, communicative, and cognitive - or solely focused upon the physical space?

These are all questions I continue to reflect upon and look forward to sharing my thoughts and plans with all of you.  Though we are always in process, I will say that my vision and motivation to create a space worthy of young children could never be stronger!  Especially since it will be a place for my own children to discover.

I hope that those who visit will leave feeling as though they can transform their context(s) into spaces filled with possibilities! And I have faith that everything will unfold better than I could have ever anticipated!

It is the supreme art of the teacher

to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

-Albert Einstein 

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