Our first party in the TransformEd Creative Studio!

Wishing all of our fellow educators, parents and children a very Fa-BOO-lous Halloween!

Since opening up the TransformEd Creative Studio and Learning Centre, I knew that it would be the perfect space to host a party and couldn't wait for an excuse to do so...

When I began to plan our October Open Studio: Play and Create day, I thought it would fun to have a Costumes and Crafts event.

I began to plan out my decor, and knew that I couldn't go too crazy, as our studio already had quite a bit of colour.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that traditional Halloween decor was not really my style...  My intention has always been to inspire creativity not instil any sort of fear with haunted imagery that is normally associated with this celebration.  Anything that is deemed child friendly for Halloween, however, is usually comprised of those big bright tacky orange, neon green, bright purple, or yellow garlands, blow up creatures, or plastic cartoons.

I had a vision for something more modern, and subtle, that would compliment the existing decor of our brass and gold studio accents.  In addition, I preferred to make the colours of the children's costumes really pop!

Here is a peek at how it turned out:

There are more photos and video clips with a virtual tour on my Instagram "events" highlight.

This event could not have been possible without the amazing collaboration of the following companies:

  • @airsupplyballoons - The elaborate balloon garlands, oversized balloons, and real vine plant stems!

Thank you to everyone who collaborated and participated in this special day with us!  It was truly spoooooooktacular!

For more information about future events and Open Studio: Play and create days, please email me.

Happiest Halloween wishes to all and to all a good night!


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-Judy Gold

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