TransformEd's new look!

After opening up the TransformEd Creative Studio and Learning Centre, I knew that it was time to begin the first stages for re-branding myself.  I started by thinking more about my beliefs, brainstorming the colours or symbols that reflect those ideas, an in-depth logo design process for business cards and gift certificates, and soon (hopefully!) an overall blog update, as well as website.

I never quite imagined the time, care, and love that goes into something as personal as your branding.  This is our first logo for TransformEd and I am so so SO excited to share with you what motivated it all, and how we got to this point!

Now that I have gone through this experience, I have an incredible amount of respect for small business owners...  When I will come across someone else's logo in the future, I feel like I will be more curious about its story and will appreciate all of the effort made.

Okay, so let's rewind to last Easter (April 2018), I had just opened up the studio and my children were only 7 months and 2.2 years old.  Lilianna Grace was really starting to show an interest in painting and Sebastian Dean was quite honestly into everything!  He would walk from learning area to learning area using all of his senses to guide his explorations.  

In June after slowly selecting three colours to update my blog's look I decided to include my two children in the creation of the logo.  We began with some colour mixing and our first collaboration as three artists!

Pastel purple was selected to represent me and my love for flowers, especially lavender, tulips, orchids, and calla lilies.  Purple also reminds me of my own childhood... When I first had an opinion, I remember requesting that my room be painted a soft pastel purple.  We had just moved to a new neighbourhood and I was starting up at a new school.  It was at this school that I found my love for teaching, as I wanted to be like my art teacher and I copied her style by creating my very first art studio in our home basement.  Just a small corner of our laundry room, it was where I spent hours being creative.  It wasn't much, but to my then 8 year old self it was pure magic!  Since, my life has somehow managed to make a full circle from that time I knew this colour needed to be included...

Pastel blue was selected to represent my son.  Sebastian has the bluest eyes like the beautiful ocean in Greece.  One of the first inquiry experiences that he had was seeing his reflection in a mirror.  The awe and wonder in his eyes will be a moment that will remain with me for a lifetime.  Sebby helps me to dream more and try to reach the heights of the sky.  I love how we share the same sensitive heart and will always encourage him to see the world as a space of endless possibilities.

Pastel yellow was selected to represent my daughter. When I first found out that I was pregnant with her, they told me that I was having another boy.  The second and third ultrasounds said girl, but I continued to prepare with gender neutral yellow clothing.  I also love Lilianna's genuine smile and I can't help but be reminded of sunshine and happiness every time that I look at her!  Lily has brought such joy to our lives with her positive energy.  She reminds me to slow down and be present in each moment, as she has grown up far too quickly!

With this in mind, I invited a photographer to come and visit our studio space and photograph us making our very first collaborative art piece together using pastel purple, pastel blue and pastel yellow finger paints.  My hope was that what we created, could then be used in some way as part of my logo design.

We began this experience with Andrea from @blueorchidphotos in June 2018, when artist Lil and artist Seb were only 10 months and 2.5 years of age.  Our Lilybug was so young, she spent most of the time trying to eat the paintbrush or taste the paint!  Sebby Dee on the other hand, was a little pro, as he confidently grabbed each bottle of paint and mixed it on his own.

As you can see the colours started to mix together in a full body/senses experience!  To my surprise they formed a sage green.  At the time I continued to want only the three original choices until my visit to New York for some design inspiration.  Sage green stood out to me in one particular place, and it got me into thinking that what was missing in all of my logos was something to represent nature.  I spent hours outside as a child, playing under our evergreen tree.  Now as an adult, the only way that I can find any sort of balance between my children, household chores, business, and studies is by taking a walk in our nearby forest/conservation trails.

And just like that pastel green was also added to our colour palette!  A colour that only came to be, because of my children's natural curiosity with paint.  It was through their creative mess that I found a masterpiece.

Then I began to wonder, what can I do with these colours or this abstract painting?

Did I want to have a specific symbol to represent my brand like a leaf, feather, or clouds in the sky?

I worried, if I did something like that it would limit me and make it feel too thematic, like a bird, flower or magnifying glass on everything...  

I began to brainstorm - What do I or TransformEd stand for?
  • outside of the box creative thinking (innovation)
  • transforming educational practices, learning as an experience that is always a lifelong process or evolution (my own personal transformation as a parent and new studio owner)
  • Reggio Emilia inspiration - collaboration and relationship building, strong image of the child and family (including my children in everything that I embark upon)
  • inquiry based learning approach as one that is cyclical (you may begin with one question and more questions arise, an approach to learning that never really ends)
  • colour, all that's aesthetically beautiful
  • opportunities for children to engage with materials in a carefully designed space that is truly worthy of them and planned with the same attention to detail as a curated art gallery 
  • believing that anything is possible and trusting that the universe is listening to your dreams

It was clear to me that I wanted something round without any sharp corners.  This new logo and its unique circular business card were going to make a statement that I have moved outside of my own box.  Or what I always thought that I was going to do in my career...

It also strongly expresses how I have come full-circle in my life and that I should trust the infinite nature or energy from our universe.  It has been vibrating a new path or rhythm for me, and I am finally ready and willing to listen!

I thought of creativity and a colour wheel. Or learning, like the rotation of the planets around the sun, is also a rotation that I believe is ongoing.  There is no clear beginning or end to one's own inquiry or research.

With each season, we grow, change, and transform.  We also have the power to influence another's life in the process.  My blog began as a simple means to document my learning and it caused a ripple effect.  I am humbled to continue to read through emails and direct messages about the impact my sharing has had on others.  With this in mind, I am committed to continue exploring my passion for early childhood education and creativity with documentation along the way that might inspire someone's journey.

When one small stone 
is tossed into a body of water, 
it causes a ripple effect 
with an almost never ending 
forward motion...

-Adapted from a quote found on Pinterest

Most recently I engaged in a project about bubbles with school aged children, and I will always treasure this project as a memory of the sheer joy of these round colourful spheres that captured our hearts one summer.  It was the first inquiry research project in the TransformEd Creative Studio and Learning Centre, and one that I look forward to blogging about in the coming months.

And finally, when I think of a circle the following words come to mind:
  • infinity
  • eternity
  • timelessness
  • per pertual motion
  • continuity 
  • unity, love or commitment  
  • movement 
  • life's endless possibilities 

I apologize that this blog post has gone on and on, AND ON, but I have had so much on my mind lately and it was a beautiful moment of celebration seeing this work come together as it did.

Special thank you to talented Andrea from Blue Orchid Photography for capturing my children's abstract art that was at the heart of TransformEd's rebranding.  Andrea came into the studio with such a genuine interest for what I'm trying to achieve with the families in our community, and so willing to share my work with others.  She is currently nominated for her newborn photography with the 2019 Top Choice Award.

Huge appreciation also goes out @elisabettacostaa for her amazing graphic design work.  Elisabetta you are BEYOND patient and professional.  I look forward to receiving my business cards this week and printing out my gift certificates before the holiday rush!  Thank you for taking our special abstract art piece and transforming into our new logos!  You really brought my vision to life!

Just a reminder that we have a special Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale that will last for three weeks:

If you pre-register for any six or twelve program that begins in January 2019, you will receive one free $35.00+HST gift certificate for you or a family member/friend to enjoy an hour open studio class in the studio. Email me for the details.  Sale ends on December 14th, 2018.

*** The above gift certificate, colour of your choice, can be personalized and emailed to you in PDF format to print and add inside a card.  Otherwise, I would happily jazz it up for you to pick up in the studio with some ribbons and an envelope!  

There will be a few times in your life 
when all your instincts will tell you to do something, 
something that defies logic, 
upsets your plans, 
and may seem crazy to others.  

When that happens, 
you do it.  
Listen to your instincts 
and ignore everything else. 
Ignore logic, 
ignore the odds, 
ignore the complications, 
and just go for it.

-Quote posted by 
and unknown author

I would love for you to leave a comment below with your thoughts about our new logo, collaborative process, and the meaning behind it all!

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  1. So beautiful Joanne,
    I loved reading all about your journey and how you created this wonderful new branding. Always wishing you the best of luck as you continue to inspire and provide wonderful opportunities for children.

  2. Love how you shared your story! Inspired by your passion and creativity!
    Cynthia :)

  3. What a beautiful new logo! And a beautiful story behind the meaningful and thoughtful process you took to truly represent yourself, your family, and your business! I love how the sage green came about! My favourite thing about being a mom and teaching is that you can have all the plans perfected, but you never really know how the children will interact with it and what they will create - this is a perfect example of their innate creativity!

  4. I loved your process and I love the logo!!

  5. Joanne ~ what a beautiful post about the evolution of your journey! I absolutely love the story behind your new logo design and the meaning it holds for you. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself and your family with us. I am blessed to call you a friend and continue to wish for you all the dreams your heart desires! You truly make a difference in the world for children, families, and educators. Thank you for being you and for inspiring others to live life in ways that connect us to others through our heart and spirit. Congratulations on your successes and may you continue to shine your brightness into the world!

  6. The new look is quite stunning! It has a very calm and peaceful look about it and I love the connection to a circle. Your attention to detail is quite amazing. I find it remarkable that you can simultaneously be so detail-oriented and also so emergent in your approach to teaching to learning. It is quite a gift.

  7. It’s so beautiful Joanne! Not only does it capture the spirit of you and your children but the calm, yet exciting vibe I feel when I step into the studio!

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