Santa Claus almost didn't make it to town but thankfully Stage Entertainment saved the day!

I wake up every morning and try to send out positive vibes to the universe.  It's my belief that if you are happy and kind, only good things can come your way.  Of course there are days or moments when challenges present themselves.  For instance, I organized a special "Milk and Cookies" event with Santa Claus in our TransformEd Creative Studio and Learning Centre only to have our original Santa cancel two days prior...

I was certainly in a real predicament!!! How could I host this special celebration without the big man in red?  Keeping my word has always been something extremely important to me and I was prepared to do anything, so that I wouldn't let down the children!  At first I thought, perhaps my husband and I could dress up, but then I worried that my son is old enough and he may realize it's his Daddy.  The last thing that I wanted was for Sebby to confuse Santa Claus with a family member for the remainder of his childhood.

I couldn't help but get upset at this first Santa that I had hired, especially when he was a teacher who should know firsthand the importance to young children.   I told him that cancelling at the last moment wasn't very professional.  However, nothing that I said would change his mind... At that point, I felt heartbroken that anyone would double book or select another larger event that paid more money.

So I decided, I wasn't going to focus on the problem, and instead do everything in my power to find a solution.  The universe couldn't do this to us on our first Christmas in the studio, could it?

I google searched, I went on Kijiji, I asked friends who might have a Santa costume/would be willing to sub in, and low and behold I came across Stage who literally saved the day in just under 48 hours!!!  When David Usher, the owner called me back I kind of thought this was too good to be true!  A real bearded Santa and his wife were available to come to our studio event in such short notice??? Someone please pinch me, I was beyond excited for my children and guests.

Here are some photos of Santa Alfy and Mrs. Chantal Claus:

They are a couple in real life too!


Special thank you to David Usher of Stage Entertainment.  Since, I have the opportunity to share this experience with an audience, I wanted to take the time to give you more information about what they offer.  It is certainly the least I can do for all of the smiles and looks of sheer astonishment that I witnessed last Saturday!  Santa Alfy and Mrs. Claus truly made our Christmas!

Here is how you can find out more information about their services:

Stage Entertainment has been in the entertainment industry for 15 years.  They have had the same actors with them, that are professionals with singing experience and who show passion/ enthusiasm for their work.

I found out from David (for next year!), that in addition to the real bearded Santas and Mrs. Claus, they also offer Elves who do face painting, The Grinch, Christmas thrones, seasonal backdrops and even a tree decorating service.  Although I kind of like doing that part myself...  

Alfy fit right into our creative studio atmosphere, which felt more like Santa's workshop that day!  I could really see him making an impact at schools, corporate parties, family gatherings and or anywhere else your imagination could dream up to include a great Santa Claus.

Stage Entertainment specializes in holiday events, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, singing telegrams, Hollywood impersonations, magicians, illusionists, dancers, superhero/princess characters, and much much more.

Thank you again David, Santa Alfy, Mrs. Chantal Claus from Stage Entertainment.

Thank you also to our incredible photographer @clarkylaura, as well as @bijuleni for visiting with her sister and niece.  Loved all of what you posted on your Instagram and stories!!  You truly made our studio shine!!!  This was definitely one of the most creative photoshoots and quite a magical to experience as a Mama.

None of this could have been possible without the help from my husband and our Saturday volunteers Ms. Suzie and Mr. Daniel (as well as our weekly volunteers Miss Britney, Miss Nicole, and Miss Francesca), my parents, and in-laws behind the scenes.

It's all in the details:

Event planning, coordination, and decor - #EventsTransformEd by @joannebabalis)

Photography - @clarkylaura

Santa and Mrs. Claus - Stage

Balloon Garland (still holding strong since Halloween - over a month) - @airsupplyballoons

Christmas magic is silent.

You don't hear it ~

You feel it.

You know it.

You believe it.

-Unknown author

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