*FREE learning resources* *UPDATED Mailing List* & *NEWS TO ANNOUNCE!*


I hope that this blog post finds you well and that you are safe at home with your family!  I have some freebies to share, as well as some announcements on what I have been working on during the COVID-19 lockdown.  

First and foremost I wanted to reach out and let you know that my mailing list and newsletter program (mailchimp) often ended up in people's junk box, and even experienced difficulty the old fashioned route and using my gmail server. :(  For this reason, I am going to be sharing any other news for here on in using my blog if you'd like to be notified: Join my updated mailing list.  (I have made some changes, so if you had been a previous blog follower in the past you won't be receiving these emails unless you include your email here.)

I wanted to bring to your attention some 
*FREE* learning resources and opportunities:

3. *FREE* eResource for parents “5 Part Challenge for at Home Learning”

4. *FREE* subscription to my YouTube Channel with ideas for learning with young children, especially now at home.  Each video has a viewing guide (in the caption) with a materials list, what learning we explore  and how to extend or change for next time!  There are already over 20 videos made since March 2020.
YouTube also allows me to release episodes with a LIVE Q&A chat or a LIVE virtual meeting as they premiere. 

I wrote a couple blog posts about them in greater detail:

Some upcoming videos that I am editing include:
-water bead explorations 
-mini lesson from my four year old's emergent curriculum project that we call "Soccer Research"
-confetti balloon water play 

Please subscribe to joannebabalis on YouTube and support our growth in producing more videos. 

5. *FREE* access to my instagram account @joannebabalis 
-IGTV behind the scenes videos from the studio 
-Daily photo posts with ideas and suggestions
-TransformEd Tea Talks on IG LIVE with special guests that I will be interviewing (Coming Late Spring 2020)

6. *FREE* online network @CTInquiry "CTI: Connected through inquiry"
-Reggio Emilia inspiration 
-Classrooms and Learning Spaces from around the world
-Book study/Documentation study (Coming Summer 2020)

I also have some positive *NEWS* to announce 
regarding TransformEd that I am very proud of:

1. *NEW* I recently launched The TransformEd Virtual Studio - "Monthly Membership" @tranformedvirtualstudio Reggio Emilia inspired private membership - online learning with IG LIVE workshops and creative classes with me (@joannebabalis) designed for educators, parents, and children (infant to 9 years old).  For more information visit my blog post and read the detailed handouts.  We have created an engaged learning community and I am customizing the content to match the desires of the group.  Some childcare centres and schools have become members until the end of 2020, as a way to continue digging deeper in their own journey.  You may join at any time, and will gain access to the previously recorded workshop and class videos. (View a Sample Educational Photography Workshop Part 1.  Part 2.)

2. TransformEd Consulting Services continues to offer private educational training and group workshops using Zoom.  I am mentoring daycares, school boards, teachers, RECEs, and school leaders, looking to improve their Reggio Emilia inspired approach, educational photography or leadership in early childhood education contexts.  Following any presentation is also the option for eResources that I can write/produce to support the thinking and learning.

3. Our gift certificates and photography packages remain favourites of the studio visitors! See details here.  We are making coffee table books for Father's Day.  You can also send your own pictures for me to edit and create your book.

4. *NEW* I have often dreamt of expanding my studio space and opening up a little educational shop filled with everything that would make one's creative heart sing...  Since we are sort of at a stand still at the moment, I have been thinking a lot about our re-opening and eagerly awaiting the work we can do within the Ontario community.  While I plan away, I have made some decisions regarding what I CAN STILL OFFER learners RIGHT NOW!  Please STAY TUNED for "The Possibilities Project: Create your own Studio Experience" (at home) with custom combinations that I will carefully curate for your family's daily discoveries, or as part of your online lessons/provocations with students during distance learning.  These baskets and trays will also be perfect as Birthday Bundles or an opportunity for your children to explore their creativity with Daddy on Father's Day.  In addition, Personalized Artist Presents are currently being developed with the help of my own children!  COMING SOON! Curbside pick-up for anyone wishing to drive to Islington and Major Mackenzie or delivery will be available in Woodbridge, Kleinburg, Maple, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, and Etobicoke.  

Official announcement will be posted with details about our TransformEd Shop this weekend on Instagram! 

For more information or details, 
please don't hesitate to contact me.


Joanne Marie Babalis B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., OCT
Teacher, PhD Student, Blogger, Speaker
TransformEd Consulting Services

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