Then and Now: Learning Area and Smart Board


  1. This is all fabulous, and I am enjoying looking in. Is that really a smartboard? It looks portable? Do you still have 'work stations' or do you have project bins somewhere? Did you buy new shelving, or was everything birch before? Were the frames easy to make?

    Do you feel that the children are getting as much exposure to print in the new environment?

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for your great questions! I am so pleased that you are enjoying looking into our classroom!

    Yes we have a smaller smart board. I love it! We no longer used work stations or bins. We have inquiry learning areas instead where the students interact during "Thinking and Learning" time.

    I only bought a few pieces of furniture. Most materials were provided...

    Which frames are you asking about?

    The children are getting more exposure to literacy through our environment, because we post photos with real dialogue. Since they are from authentic learning moments, we have found that the students are noticing and reading it more!