Have a plan!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Students are encouraged to have a plan before they go off to their learning areas. If it is a creative hands on learning area, their plan could be made in oral or written form.  After creating their plan, then they proceed to build or create what they planned.


  1. Hi, i amew to your blog. I want to add this comment and hope you will forgive me with starting with a criticism, as i plan to explore the blog and feel i will find wonderful things i will be positive about! I wonder if the plan is compulsory? My initial thougths are that it may stifle some chidlren who dont work with a plan? I know i dont always use a plan. Some times a material or something inspires me.

  2. I love the idea of "MY PLAN" each day... I agree w/Sarah, above, that sometimes we don't have a plan.. but I love that it encourages directional thinking. If they didn't have a plan, they can always say, I just want to do something artisitic right? Then it's still a plan of where they are going first, but not necessarily a fully thought out plan, to leave room for inspiration and spontaneity?? Just my thoughts... :)

  3. I have used this idea in my room too, not always compulsory but used in the same way. Some of our students will visit the art area and quickly begin gluing things to a paper. Sometimes this will turn into something beautiful and thoughtful, other times I see their art in the garbage because they were frustrated with the way it turned out or didn't value it because it lacked planning.

    We encourage many of our students to create a plan for their art/structures. Of course there are times when building and art is sporatic, but planning can be so powerful. It allows students to be reflective in gathering materials and making choices about their creativity. Like anything, a plan is a plan and as they go it is forever changing but it gives them somewhere to start and encourages them to think critically about what they are going to do.

  4. Hi there,

    The plan puts their thinking into motion, however it often changes. We always want our students to think deeply about what they want to do, to keep them focused on a goal. Obviously a plan, similar to a brainstorm, is merely a starting point. But you have to start somewhere!

  5. Hello, I love your blog! I'm wondering if you could elaborate more about how/when you get your students to plan what they will be doing. Do they plan only for building materials or for any activity they choose to do? How do you find time to check their plans before they go to their activities? I'm just thinking that a lineup of 20+ children waiting to have their plans checked would be a long wait for those dying to get at the materials. Any elaboration would be most appreciated. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  6. Hi Sandy,

    Thank you for your comment and thoughtful questions. Students are encouraged to make a plan or a sketch of their work at any learning area that they are working at. For example, in visual arts if they are about to paint like Monet on a canvas they would plan out their painting before actually painting it onto the canvas. We also use this when we begin an inquiry, at the building area, dramatic play area when they want to change it over to something new, etc. Truthfully it can work anywhere! We rarely have more than a few children working on a plan at the same time (and we are not very strict about the approval of plans unless the students are not accomplishing writing at their learning area and need our support), as there are many other ways that students can share their thinking in writing within our classroom. Once their plan is completed, they either show one of the educators or post it up on the writing wall. We can follow-up when time becomes available. The plan is more for them, in hopes that they will be accountable to their learning and thinking.

    Hope that this helps!

  7. Love the plan and it actually will tie in nicely for next gen science standards where we will have to incorporate science and engineering skills.

  8. I love the plan idea. I believe it will get students thinking prior to building and like you said things may change and they can add and delete from their plan. I like the idea of starting from some where. I am new to the blogging world, I hope you join my site.


  9. Thank you Mrs. Collins and Hollie!

    I'm glad that you enjoyed this post!

    Hollie I will definitely check out your blog!! Thank you for commenting!