A Rainbow of Materials

Saturday, March 10, 2012

During my first visit to the Bishop Strachan School, I was thoroughly impressed with the way the JK class had their materials organized. This inspired our class to sort out all of our inventory into clear jars and vases. During this week long project, the students learned to sort real life objects by colour, improve their fine motor skills, determine which size jar would be appropriate for each material, work together as a team, and develop patience. Anything beautiful and worth waiting for always takes time! Seeing their faces when our rainbow of materials was displayed proved to be well worth the time we had invested.


  1. I could so see myself doing this with my students, but I first want to know if it stayed organized, if the jars broke, and if it improved the way materials were used. Also, did more boys join in?

  2. Hello,

    The materials have stayed organized, jars have not broken, and we have improved the way that we use our materials. It is so much easier to see our inventory now!

    We have an equal amount of girls and boys participate in this.

  3. You really have inspired me through your blog! Love all of your ideas :)