Flying through the sky!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This post has been created for my students who were interested in our sky inquiry this past school year.

Dear    students,

I    hope    that    you    have    been    enjoying 

your    summer    holidays,    and    that    you    

and    your    family    have    come    to    visit  

our    blog    from   time    to    time.

Last    week    I    took    an    airplane    to    

British    Columbia    and    thought    of    you 

all    when    I    was    flying    through    the  


Here    are    some    pictures    that    I    took  

from    my    airplane    window:

I   would   love   to   hear   what   you   are  

wondering   about   when   you  see   and   think  

about    these    pictures.

Please   post   your   thoughts   at   the   comment 

section    below    using    your    initials.

(Example:    J.B.: I am wondering ___________.)


 Ms. Babalis


  1. I wonder why the clouds always look different in all the pictures.

  2. Hi Ms. Babalis,

    Today is rainy and we visited the blog.

    Here are some of the questions that we thought about:

    1) How do the clouds make rain?
    2) On rainy days are the clouds still fluffy?
    3) Do the clouds look different all around the world?

    Enjoy the rest of your summer off.