A typical morning in room 127!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

See what it is like in our classroom when our students freely flow throughout the room and make decisions about what they want to do. They are all calm and very focused! The environment is acting as the third teacher. It supports and challenges the students to achieve at their greatest potential. The educators work in small differentiated mini lesson groups. They are facilitators of the literacy, play, and inquiry-based learning. 

What do you observe/notice? What are you left wondering?


  1. Seems like a small group...how many children are in the class?

  2. What program are the children creating on in the digital studio?? looks great!!
    Also were those individual documentations binders seen below you solar system inquiry

    ps... Big Fan
    Trista Langrell

  3. Hello,

    We have 26 students in our class. Not all of the children have permission to show their faces in video clips or photographs, so they were behind me. This would explain the lower than usual numbers, however, the classroom functions much the same when all 26 are there. Every student is engaged and very independent!

    The students were creating with Tux Paint in our Digital Studio! And those were individual documentation binders!

    Thanks for being a fan!


    Joanne Babalis

  4. Joanne,
    Thank you for sharing. So inspiring. You've done a beautiful job using the environment. Have you shared your daily schedule or could you? Also, What are the two kraft paper charts hanging up a bit higher with yellow post its? They look like a board to guide reading and math work at some point in your day?

    Thank you for any further insight to your day - Mandy

  5. The music is so pretty. What is playing?