Do you see weeds or wishes?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We recently started a study about dandelions, as an extension to our growth inquiry.  The interest in dandelions was sparked after a small group of students noticed them during our outdoor play session. Now that I think of it, how could they not?  They have taken over our school's front lawn and quite literally turned the grass a bright shade of yellow!  

Our students have enjoyed running through the dandelions, picking the dandelions to create bouquets, drawing the dandelions, writing about their dandelion wonders, and dancing in the dandelion covered fields!  

It was beautiful to be outside in our community.  The families driving or walking by took notice, and another kindergarten class became inspired to go outside and share in a similar experience.

After a few days exploring the dandelions, we realized that the students' intrigue was enough to fuel another environmental inquiry.  I am very pleased about this as an educator, mainly because the dandelions exist within nature and we can go outdoors to study them on a daily basis!

Extensions for home or your program: Compare the yellow dandelions with the white dandelions.  What are some of the similarities? What are some of the differences?  Consider discussing how the yellow dandelions transform into white dandelions.  On your walk, take notice of the size of the dandelions.  Collect a few dandelions and order them from shortest to tallest.

When you look at a field of dandelions,

you can either see a hundred weeds

or a hundred wishes. 


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