Flashback Friday to a glitzy and glamourous night!

Friday, February 27, 2015

A year ago today, my husband and I hosted a 1920's Great Gatsby-themed Engagement Party/Jack and Jill Masquerade Ball for our close friends and family.

I recognize that this blog is one where I share my professional insights, however, sometimes think it is nice to open up a little bit to my audience as a real person. 

I wish that I could stop the clock… I sat in my office after school today wondering how a year had already passed from this special black, white, and gold event!  Words wouldn't be able to do justice to how beautifully it all came together, but luckily I had the talented  LifeImages capture it for us!  

It was definitely an evening to remember!  If you are wondering why we chose this time of year for a Masquerade Ball, it's related to our Greek roots and the tradition of "Apokries."  Apokries is a sort of carnival that started in ancient times.  In the Orthodox-Christian tradition, Apokries is the preparation period before Lent.  On the last weekend preceding "Kathara Deftera" (Clean Monday), there are masked-balls, dances, and children's parties.  We thought that it would be a perfect way to tie in my love of The Great Gatsby time period with a grand ball.  

I hope that you enjoy this post and it brings you back to the Jazz Age!  

There ain't no party 

like a Gatsby Party!


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