Preparing to welcome the youngest artist to our family!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The TransformEd Creative Studio is more than just my office space to blog, read, and plan presentations.  It has become my little piece of colourful heaven, an escape from reality, and a truly magical place where anything is possible!

Over the holidays I enjoyed playing soft Christmas meditation music for the baby and engaging in various diy (do it yourself) projects.  In addition to this, I have really gotten into adult colouring books these past few months, and find them to be such a relaxing hobby.  

One morning when I felt up to it, I had my little nieces and nephews come for a visit.  They wanted to help make something special for Baby V's nursery.  The theme of the nursery is young artist and dreams.  I have tried to incorporate pops of colour from children's books, famous paintings of clouds, as well as special keep sakes from our travels.  Putting it all together was a labour of love, and I couldn't have done it without the collaboration of these tiny hands!

After breakfast we worked on some water colour paintings of the sky, inspired by my former Sky Inquiry project, and later used white feathers as a canvas for acrylic paints that would be hung on a dream catcher.

Take a peek at these young artists and experience creativity at its finest!  I hope that these images lift your spirits on this cold winter's day...

Thank you to my cousins for sharing their children with me and allowing me to blog about our special time together!  I hope that some of these ideas inspire you in the classroom or within your own home.  

A huge hug to these four creatives for their hard work!  N is in Grade 5, A is in Grade 3, S is in Grade 2, and Z is in JK.  We have been exploring various art provocations since they were born!  I love spending time with them and watching them grow as artists and people.  I guess you can call me the crafty/diy aunt who always had something colourful to try in my bag.  I even setup up a Disney Frozen creative area for them when they were the ring boys and flower girls at my wedding.  It was fun to see them make gingerbread houses, and paint using coloured icing on their own sugar cookie canvases. 

Now as we wait for Baby V's arrival, our newest little artist in the family, I feel happy knowing that he or she will be welcomed into this world with so much love!

Stay tuned in the next few months for a blog post about how the nursery turned out, and of course an introduction to my first born child!

Hoping that you have had a beautiful start to the new year with your students and families!

May you continue to find time for creativity to flourish!

Being creative is not a hobby,

It is a way of life!

                                                                                 -Anonymous author

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  1. Joanne you have created such a beautiful space to nourish the creative spirit in all. How wonderful and special for BabyV looking forward to seeing the nursery. Love that last quote and I couldn't agree with you more.