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Sunday, October 9, 2016

It's the Eve of Thanksgiving, and I just finished cleaning up from our family celebration.  As tired as I feel, I am blogging tonight for a really important reason...

There is a lot that I am grateful for, and that I must confess I often take for granted...  Sometimes in life we get so caught up in all the commercialized aspects of major holidays, and loose sight of the true meaning.

Should we be thankful only on this long weekend because our calendars say that it's Thanksgiving?

Every moment that we have on this Earth with those that we love is worth being thankful for. Wouldn't you agree?!  

I'd like to ask you for your help and kindness...  There is a member in our community, an early childhood educator, whose family really needs us.  This incredibly strong woman, is not someone that I know personally.  I came across a Facebook post two weeks ago, and was compelled to support her gofundme account.  Marlenne Abuyuan is younger than me, which really hit home, and is married with two children under three years old.  She is living with some serious health issues, and could use our support / donations.

I hope that we can help her reach her goal of $20, 000.  Marlenne has inspired me with her positive energy/outlook on life, and I always look forward to reading her updates.  Even though she would never know, I send her my prayers and positive vibes on a daily basis.  I believe that she will get through this, and that soon it will all be a distant memory or bump in the road.

Thank you for joining me in helping a member so close to our community!  Please consider opening up your heart to give...  Your generosity will make a huge difference! 

To donate please visit: Marlenne vs. HLH: Help her Heal.  If you are unable to donate at this time, then might you consider sharing this with your social media community?    

I am sure that Marlenne, her husband, and two sons will really appreciate our support!  


One of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon another.

If someone is in need, lend them a helping hand.

Do not wait for a thank you.

True kindness lies within the act of giving

without the expectation of something in return. 

-Unknown author

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