Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Life as a Mama is SO incredibly busy, but totally rewarding too!  As tired as I might feel after the bath and bedtime routine, I can't help but miss my little guy when he's sound asleep.  It is during this time that I review any documentation collected from our day, update my Instagram page with some of our new learning adventures, and begin to plan what we will engage with the next morning.

Then, as exhausted as I might feel, especially in my fifth month of pregnancy, I work on TransformEd Consulting Services.  This includes emails to coordinate new sessions or upcoming events, workshop presentations, lectures or marking for the York University Kindergarten course that I instruct, my Inquiry Program for children or Discovery Days for families, the #CTInquiry biweekly challenges, and a recent contract that I received to re-write the Kindergarten AQ courses on behalf of York University for OCT's (Ontario College of Teacher) re-accreditation process.  

I cannot deny that I have a lot on my plate, but I wouldn't have it any other way!  Working into the night means that I get to spend quality time with my son.  No matter how much passion I might have for early learning, he is my number one priority always.  This is why I extended my leave, put my PhD on hold until the second baby turns 1 years old, and also why I am only blogging about once or twice per month.

It has been a juggling act for sure... I do what I can, but I am also looking forward to my maternity leave from late August until 2018.  This time around I will not be taking three graduate courses and reading between feedings or writing essays instead of sleeping.  I will be a mom (the most important job in the world) and take up some hobbies that make me happy, like an art class instead.  

So anyhow, life sort of just happened and there are many MANY overdue posts... In particular I promise to write next about my workshops.  I have had the privilege of meeting with so many interesting groups and the learning experiences need to be shared!

If I have worked with your group and haven't blogged about it, shared an Instagram post or story, please don't be upset.  I simply am having trouble keeping up with LIFE and my 2-3 workshop sessions per week!  

Still so very thankful at meeting my March goal of writing to you this evening with a grateful heart.

If you're completely exhausted

and don't know how you're going 

to keep giving this much of yourself

day after day 

you're probably a good parent.

-Bunmi Laditan


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