Then and Now: Bin Toys Changed to Writing Materials

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  1. Do you still have toys? If so where do you store them?

    1. Hi,

      We don't have "toys" in the commercial sense any longer (e.g., plastic toys, dolls, etc.). We use more natural materials such as blocks, shells, pine cones, and the students are welcome to add to their investigation by bringing in something special that they value from home.

      For example, one of our most recent projects is about Fairies and Fantasy. The students wanted to create Fairy Land and in doing so suggested they bring in some of their fairies.

  2. Joanne I love your blog! I am starting my own Reggio inspired classroom in the fall. I am really wondering how you begin your first week of Kindergarten in September? What activities do you typically do with the children? How do you introduce all the wonderful materials in your classroom to your students? What learning areas do you make put out for students during that first week?

  3. Hello Joanne!
    I am glad I found your bolg!
    I am moving to a new school and my room is smaller than my old Kindergarten room. I am looking at your transformations and getting inspired! I also have same questions as Chrissy. I'll appreciate if you'll be able to answer them for us:-)

    Thank You!