Then and Now: Work Stations Changed to Science Learning Area

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  1. Bravo! I applaud you for taking a stand for the children and making their learning environment about them and what is best for their learning!
    I can't quantify the times I've walked into classrooms and wanted to run out immediately due to overstimulation. The color, pattern, and commercialization of learning jarred my adult senses. I can only reflect upon how distracting such things were as a child and even then our teachers had only limited resources to over clutter our rooms!
    Over the years, I've observed a great deal of time and investment in creating bulletin board displays that add nothing to the experience of the child, but serve solely to amuse the teacher or to draw the notice of adults. It seems the investment in resources and energy is often rather misdirected. I see in the changes you've made, you've really refocused yourselves on your image of the child and how what is important to them has taken root in your practices!
    And what’s more, you are doing such a wonderful job of documenting the learning that is going on in your classroom for adults who need evidence of learning! Your documentation boards illustrate this learning in ways are real and relevant to your children and to your teaching practices. I hope that the families you serve and the administration you work with are as proud of you as I am!

    1. Dear Elexa,

      Thank you for stopping by to visit our blog!

      I really appreciate when visitors leave messages, and especially when they are so thoughtful.

      I'm very pleased that our changes reflect our image of the child. I completely agree with everything that you wrote within your comment. We have to step back and think about about decisions and decide whether they have been made for adults or the students that we wish to inspire.

      I appreciate your kindness in taking the time to write this message.

      Thank you for feeling proud of me, but I'm not alone in this journey!! I am surrounded by a wonderful administrator, staff, board, families, students, and of course my wonderful D.E.C.E. Julie Ham.

      Would love to stay connected with you... Do you use Twitter?


      Joanne Babalis