I continue to be blown away by what is created daily at the building area. It never looks the same, and the students are always so engaged!

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  1. I like your mini platform with the mirrors in the back.

  2. Thanks! A parent built the platform, and we thought adding the mirrors would allow the students to see their creations in a whole other dimension!

  3. The students writing is mind boggling - how is it they are writing so well? (And what is the square footage of your room? I am wondering how much is possible in my space, probably more than I realize. I am commenting lots because I am honestly curious and inspired by the natural & authentic learning.)

  4. I'm not sure what the square footage is for our classroom. It is quite smaller in real life than it appears in images. So you can definitely make things work in your space!

    We work really hard on writing daily, and as such the quality of our students' writing has improved!

    Thank you for being inspired and commenting! I welcome you to comment more! :)