What unfolded today...

When all of our students were engaged in Thinking and Learning Time, I noticed A.A. and D.J. were working closely together at the round table.  D.J. was reading a book, while A.A. was making checkmarks on her clipboard.

I took a few photographs, and tried not interrupt their work.  I noticed that A.A. would make a checkmark after each word that D.J. read correctly. 

This reminded me of the Running Records that educators complete with students to find out their reading level.

Here is what the girls had to say:

D.J.: We were reading together!

A.A.: And I was correcting D.J. to help her read.

D.J.: I already know how to read! You don't have to help me. 

A.A.: I made the checkmarks just to see if she's wrong or if she's right.

D.J.: I liked when she did the checkmarks!

Sometimes I take pictures of learning moments that strike me as unique, beautiful, or puzzling.  Since I wondered about what they were doing, I wanted to have a way to show them and ask them about it on a later date.

Though what I captured may not be my most aesthetically beautiful images, the meaning behind them has its own beauty!

What has been unfolding in your classroom?

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  1. I put out a variety of colours of paint today and told the students that I was tired of winter and the snow and needed some beautiful artistist work to place on the windows to cover up all the snow we could see outside. I noticed two boys very busy painting and talking. F.M said to E.J. I am painting an airplane because this snow is here for a very long time. I know because it was over the top of my boot and when my dad measured my boot was 20. So if I paint a plane we can pretend we are flying in to the plane to Florida and then we don't have to look at any more snow. E.J. explained, we can't afford everyone to fly in a plane, gas for the car is cheaper so I am painting a van with lots of car seats and Mrs. F. can drive us all to Florida where there is no more snow and only sun shining in the day time.

  2. Awesome to learn , where can I follow you ? I am teacher since 32 years teaching is my passion normal kids and children with special needs both.